Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Life before reincarnation)


It was the sound coming from the phone, set as alarm clock.

In the bed, a thin 24 years old young man is soundly sleeping with a blanket covering his entire body that was bent sideway. He had an average look with messy medium-length black hair whose height is around 5’10”.

He stayed like that for around 15 minutes while his phone kept on ringing.

“Hmmm…” – He groaned

Annoyed, he quickly reached his phone and made a single swipe on the screen that stop the phone from ringing.  Then, he grabbed the pillow and buried his face in it while facing the wall.

“Geez… Give me five minutes.”

Several minutes later, he opened his eyes and reached for his phone.

7:17 AM.


He got up from the bed, took a towel and quickly makes his way to the comfort room which also function as the bath room, a few doors away from his room. However, someone is using it so he has to wait for the person to finish.


“What is it?”

He recognizes the voice of the person inside.

“Drei, are you almost done?”

“Yes, I still need 5 minutes.” – The person inside responded.

“Hurry Drei, I have a class at 7:30.”

“And you’re pretty much late already.”

“Yes, so hurry up.”

“Okay. So leave me alone.”

He waited outside for 10 minutes until his housemate got out.

“It’s your turn.”

He took a quick glance at his sculptured body, next to the man’s face and then down. Only the towel covers his manhood. He really envied this man as he has all the manliness of a man which can make girls go crazy.

“What took you so long?”

“Like what most men do. Haha…” – He replied while showing his left hand forming a loose fist and doing an awkward action.

He glared at him and went inside to bath.

He’s been living in this dorm which is near his university for almost two years, that he is now familiar and friendly with the other occupants.

After 10 minutes, he got out and sped into his room.

He stopped in front of Andrei’s room which is right next to his. The door was left ajar and he took a peak on it and then he saw Andrei and a girl making out.

And he regretted it as it made him even more frustrated.


He quickly made his way into his room.

Agghh… I hate that guy. He always brings his girlfriend’s every other night. I wish they’ll get pregnant soon. Let see how he finds the money to raise his kids.

He really hates the world whenever he thinks of the scene that unfolds in the other room, he wishes for the world to just split in half.

He never experience having a girlfriend and he envies his friends for having one and it kills him when they talk about ‘those’ experiences. And sometimes, he is being tease by his friends for being NGSB (No Girlfriend since Birth), virgin or gay.

Well, he is grateful that he was never alone, as he has other friends who never been in a relationship, and those were – the very fat, the not so cool and the not so handsome like him, the potatoes of the group.

Being 24 years old and still inexperience is frustrating indeed – in social and physiological aspects.

He simply doesn’t have any confidence in women and he has a high standard too. He really wished to have a nice girlfriend, if not gorgeous.

He looked in the mirror.

“Hah…” – He let a long sight.

Disappointed he looked away and quickly changed into his school uniform. He combed his messy hair using his fingers.

He is not an outdoor kind of person and his hobbies consist only of reading light novels online, watching TV/movies/porn, masturbate, listening to music, browsing the net, and playing computer games.

He is addicted to online/local games and is one of the best gamer in this area. He spent 3-10 hours a day just playing games, that his body became very thin and ruined his study during his 1st year in college.

People may misunderstand him as NEET, he is not. He is friendly and sociable at times. Thought, he is not into sport, he can also be an outdoor type if by chance people will invite him to have fun in various places.

But, playing computer games is what really defines him – it what makes him a person. He really likes playing games with his friends and when he did, his personalities drastically change. He became a different person, from being a silent type to a loud type.

He engaged in trash talking with his friends, that he wasn’t able to do in normal times. Being able to laugh loud and clasp hands with his friends is fulfilling for him. To enjoy life like this seems wasteful to others, but for him and the others like him, this was fun.

This activity really brings out his other character. It’s like when people finds their real self, they fight for it.

Then something caught his attention just as when he was about to leave the room.

It was a necklace adorned with a small black stone that was hanging in the mirror. He didn’t get to wear it for a long time now, but in a whim, he took it and wore it on his long neck.

He then left the apartment and is currently half-running towards his university.

He made his way through in the sidewalk while dodging the incoming pedestrians to avoid collision. Then he took a detour in one corner of the street, which exits on the national road. He is heading to his university like he usually does.

Suddenly, his body fell lifeless in the ground.

He felt something that was deeply rooted on his head and thick liquid flowing down on his face.

Various images flashed in his consciousness, it was the memory he had with his family and remembering all of this, he can’t help but feel regretful.

He regretted many things in his life, like, how he was so useless, a disappointment to his parents.

If only, he studied a little bit to secure a future for himself and to be able to help his parents.

If only, he expressed himself appropriately to make other’s understand him.

If only, he could have a romance with the opposite sex.

But, it is too late already. He can never change all of it.

Now he knows the feeling of dying, the feeling of dying full of regrets.

I am so sorry ma, pa. If only I could leave you something behind.

A commotion started when people who had seen his convulsing body and a pool of blood which stained the sidewalk.

He already left this world.

However, just as he was about to be taken to the hospital, one of the man notice something out of ordinary, he is emitting light.

Then, the commotion started once again when the dead man shone brightly that blinds the people nearby.

Then the dead body simply disappear.

Seeing these things happened, these people are in awe.

“Miracle! It’s a miracle!” – An old woman from the scene can’t help herself from exclaiming and made a sign of the cross many times.

“Repent! We all must repent! The days are near! We all must repent.”

“An angel, the boy, he came from heaven!”

However, there are some people that has different preconception about the event.

“Shut up! Who believe in god nowadays… It is an alien.”

“Yes, we’re not alone.”

“Are they here for invasion?”

“But I know this man, he’s from my university. If he’s an alien surely he’s the kind one.”

“Yes, this man is a good guy. He’s timid and shy.”

“No. I know him at some point. I always saw him together with his friends in a computer cafe. Surely he’s not that kind of guy.” – A young woman in her early 20’s.


“Because, he is a violent person, he spouted nasty words and laugh maniacally. I even heard him threatening his friends about killing them and the Earth. He said ‘I’ll destroy all of you!’ and ‘ah… I hate this world.’ And besides, he’s very lewd.”

“Really…? Then we’re in trouble.”

“So it’s real that the aliens are tall and skinny, but the Hollywood couldn’t get the face right.”

“But why he’s here? Surely the most powerful place is the U.S. Oh! Is he not alone? His friends! Capture his friends!”

If he ever hears their conversation, surely he will die of shame. However, they are partly correct.

Following that event, the news had widespread all over the world with various stories and interpretations. With videos uploaded in the internet, and the authenticity of some statements it became the major topic all over the world that changed how people see the world. Various otherworldly encounters are selling like hot pancakes in television.

And later on, he became a saint.

The world became peaceful and a massive number of people changed for good.

The US, Russia, China, Japan, EU, Canada, Middle East, India, Australia and other countries, are preparing for the possibilities of alien invasion which they predicted to happen in less than 50-60 years’ time, while, the Vatican hosted a vigilant prayer where a number of crowd gathered around the world, the first time in the history to unify 7 billion people all over the world with one purpose – pray for humanity.

(AN: Okay, the last part is just to fill my quota of 1600 words. So don’t make it a big deal okay. Peace.)


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