Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(The truth and the archangels)


In an endless dark space with stars that decorates the heaven, a faint pale-blue light is floating like a lone star separated from the rest of the stars in the heaven. It has a vague appearance of a man with only two luminous orbs on his faceless face.

“Where am I?” – Confused, he asked himself.

And then, a sudden explosion of bright light right in front of him which made him to cover his face with his right arm. The light has a double halo on its head and 2 pairs of massive wings on its back. It wore an over-gown that seems to be made from threads made of light which shines brightly like the sun. It is towering, with the height of 60-70 ft. and its radiance is really blinding.

Then out from nothing, a mass of earth rose up to his feet, to form a platform of a small floating plane mountain. Then, pillars of light sprung like that of the pantheon illuminating the entire space and it seems that he’s been affected by gravity that he was able to stand freely on the ground.

“Greetings lost soul.” – The sound of someone or something reverberates around the space making his non-existing body to shiver. The light appears to possess intelligent as it greeted him. Its voice is like mechanical and a combination of high and low pitch and it echoed that it seems like it produces so many voices. It is loud but it seems whispering.

“W-who are you and w-what is this place?” – He asked with a shaking voice.

“You are neither in the purgatory nor in the afterlife. This is the boundary, a void, a space neither for the living nor the dead.”

He recalls the incident that had happened before he died.

“I died?”

He contemplated.

“Then are you perhaps~ God?”

“No, I am no God, but a servant of God and one of His many creations.”

An angel… I see, perhaps he refers to the God of my religion.

“Are you going to judge me of my sins? Am I going straight to hell?”

Recalling how useless he was all his life, he will confess his sins and ask for forgiveness.


Ahh~ I am thankful, hell is not for me. I’m relieved.

But, the next response made him to sweat cold even though he can’t sweat.

“I’m thinking. Yes, I am here to decide whether I should destroy you.”

“D-D-Destroy m-me?!” – Hearing the angel spoke of those words, he panicked.


“But why, do you destroy the souls of the dead?”

“No… just you.”

“Did I do something bad down there that I upset God? But, I never did anything so bad. I never killed anyone, let alone harm anyone. Well, I did gamble a lot and curses and have a frequent fight with my parents but, I never done heinous deeds or evil acts. Why would you seek to destroy me? And also, I believe in Him.”

“It’s not whether you’ve done great things or terrible things or simply by believing in Him that I came here to destroy you. I am deciding whether you will be destroyed or to keep your existence. Yes, it’s why I’m here.”

“What measures do you consider to make your judgement, it is seems like you can’t decide.”

“The fate of all creations, your existence might be cataclysmic to all of us if we will not deal with you. Someone might use you to start another conflict in the heaven or you yourself will create great chaos. I am here to eliminate those threats.”

“How? I am but an ordinary soul. I don’t understand.”

“You are no longer just a soul. Something merged with your soul, a single fragment which makes you closer to heavenly beings, us. But, has the potential to evolve into a higher entity, like God.”

“Haaa!!!! I don’t get it?”

His head is about to explode as he absorb these information.

“Then do you know the origin of the universe and the creation of all life.”

“Yes. Somehow…”

If you’re referring to the Book of Genesis or Scientific theory, I am quite familiar.

“And do you know how God exist?”

“…” – He tries to search his non-existing brain for answer, but none.

“God exist far longer than your ‘big bang’ phenomena and the fragment in your soul is a relic from the origin of the birth of God. And in a few tens of thousands of years, it will get stronger, it will rival God. Just imagine if there sprung a new higher being, a God, everything will be in chaos. The creation of all will cease until new heaven will be established. And it won’t be of any good to other creations as they will suffer total obliteration in the unfolding of this event. Do you by any chance desire for this kind of power? Tell me.”

“No! I don’t wish for anything troublesome let alone have a conflict with God.”

“Then what will you do? Do you wish to surrender your soul?”

“And if not, then what will happen to me?”

“If you act against the Will of God, given your current strength, you will cease to exist. Your soul will never found its way to heaven nor suffer the eternal flames of hell. You will simply disappear. You were never meant to be here in the first place. Your existence is simply anomalous.”


“But there is a way.” – It continued as its eyes glow even brighter.

“There is?”

“Yes, if you’ll let me extract it from your soul. But, it is not a simple task and an arduous labour even for me but your soul will survive, this I guarantee. You’ll only have to do one thing.”

“I will do whatever it is. Just tell me.”

“You’ll have to submit your will to me for a moment, then, I will forcefully take it and you will become just a soul. But we have to hurry, there is no time.”

“Okay, then we’ll do it.”

“Then first, submit yourself to me –”

However, just as the being will about to touch him, a ray of light from above enveloped him. Then, 19 massive lights as bright as the sun flew next to him with an appearance vaguely had similarities to the angel in front of him but even brighter.

“Do not touch him, fallen! Be gone in the name of the Father!”

The deafening sound reverberates in the entire dark space, that a very strong earthquake can be felt. The platform shakes and a series of cracking can be seen. It is imposing as though, it has absolute authority over all creation.

“GRRRRRRRR! You sure are fast and you even brought the highest from the order.”

The light that was with him changed its appearance into a menacing one. It was dark-reddish light. It sprouted dark edgy wings on its back and 2 big sharp horns with 10 smaller horns on its head. But, its appearance is indefinite like a shadow. Then it quickly disappeared in front of him, leaving no trace behind.

“Is he?” – He knew who it was, but he still asked. He really was scared to death.

“The one who opposes God…”

One of the being, brighter and different from the other is approaching him. Hearing this, he became stiff as a pole. Although he doesn’t have a physical body, he feels like he’s sweating profusely.

“He almost took what he wanted from the beginning. And if he did, it will be the end of everything. Surely, we were never late.”

“Thank you… mmm, what should I call you.”

“Michael. I am named Michael.”

Michael? Is it the first angel to be created? Is this real? I am not dreaming am I? This is crazy.

“Angel Michael… Then, what will happen after this.”

“We will take what the devil is after.”

“Then, I will disappear.” – He became worried and deeply saddened.

“Yes and no. What he had told you is the truth behind everything, except, he hid his true purpose from you. All he’s after is the fragment and he cannot take it from you, unless, you give it to him. You have the power to drive him away in the first place and then you have the fragment that can destroy any of us. All this time, I have never encountered such incident like this, so I was curious. Knowing the whole truth what will you do? Will you seek to destroy us here and escaped. Create your own heaven and transcend as a god?”

“D-Destroy an angel. H-heaven. Become a god? B-But, I don’t wish for anything excessive. I – only wish to return home.”

It was tempting, but surely, becoming a god will have many downsides for me. I don’t want it, if I’ll get to experience many worldly things I’ll gladly take it. I don’t want to worry about billions or more souls. I just want to return to my world.

“The fragment has never revealed itself, so we couldn’t find it. However we have known that it will be within you, from the very beginning as your record in the Book of Life bafflingly discontinued. As we can’t interfere with the worlds, all we can do is to wait for you here.”


“Then it is agreed.”

“Agreed on what?”

“In exchange for the fragment, we shall grant you a new life.”

“You’ll grant me a new life? Then, I can return to my family?”

“You will not be resurrected in your old body or you will be revered as someone. You will be reborn in Earth or you can choose another world from different dimensional plane.”

“But, I have a family.”

“Apologies… but we can’t reverse the time in the physical world. Everything should go according to natural flow of time. Your family will accept your death.”

He gave it a thought and found his resolved.

“Then, I have no qualms but what will happen to my memory? Will it be wiped out?”

“Your memory will remain if it is your wish. However, you will forget everything that happens here. Then, would you like to return to Earth?”

“I can choose a world, right? Then, what are the other worlds?”

“There are so many worlds that were created. Some has phenomena that you can call as magic. It was in the different dimensional plane and does not influence the other plane.”

“Magic?! Then, I’ll choose a world where magic exist. I want to experience it, even once in my 2nd lifetime. Okay. Then what cheat will I have?”

“Cheat? Ah… I see… none. You only have to remember this: every human had all the gifts that God bestowed upon them, but very few of them realize it to such extent. All you have to do is believe, and you shall have it. Do not worry, considering that you gave up the fragment for the good of all, granting your simple wish is nothing. Therefore, God has granted you to be reincarnated for as many times as you desire. You can say that, it is your cheat.”

“An ‘unlimited’ reincarnation?! Then can I go back to Earth if I’m done with my next life?”

“Yes, time itself never matter to us spirits and time runs different in other dimensions. You seem elated, but let me give you an advice and a warning, my dear friend.”


“My advice is, have a worthy life. Almost all of the souls think that, their life is short and they regret many things. But, there are some souls who lived a short life, but they never complained of anything as they fulfil their life’s wishes that they were able to enter the heaven. You will be having many lives, living as different people. Less than ten of it is a life you can call worthy and you treasured it. And one of these endless eons, you will simply get tired of everything that you will think that Father had cursed you. And you will meet Father and will know the truth again, and then you will ask for something else.”

“And what did I asked?”

“It’s for you to find out sometime later.”

“Now, for the warning, though the devil can’t get his hands on you, you are still bound to various circumstances that will change you how you see the world. Either you’ll do good things or commit atrocities is up to these circumstances. Father will not meddle with you therefore you have no records in the Book of Life. And if you die you can never return in that world for a time being.”


“Live a worthy life. This you must remember.”

“But you said I will forget everything that happened here.”


“Then how will I remember what you just said.”

“Yes you will. Now it’s time for you to go.”

The angels gathered around him and then his body glows brightly.

“Farewell, my friend.”

Then his sight became dim, as though he suddenly became sleepy and then everything went pitch black. After the extraction, his soul became exhausted and was sent outside the space where it travelled for a very long time. Until, it finds its proper designation, in the womb of a woman and the cycle of life begins.


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