Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(A gentle heart of a young girl)

In an old dusty room, a six years old girl is sitting beside an infant.

This girl is simple and very pretty. She is wearing worn out clothes made of wool fabrics but doesn’t have anything on her feet which is a little dirty and has a lot of abrasions. Her petite body has a lot of bruises and smeared with cinders showing that she is diligently working, and it seems that the work is excessive for a six years old girl.

She held the baby’s hands and played with it, and from time to time, she can’t help herself from not kissing the baby’s cheeks for being so adorable.

The baby is a person that was reincarnated where he retains his memories from his previous life. However, he regained his consciousness just this day and it has been 3 weeks already, since the day he was born in this world. His mother died giving birth to him, it wasn’t known that the cause of her illness was him. His soul was exhausted and needed life energy to survive, so it absorbed her life energy to almost in depletion which made her body weak and prone to sickness. It was a miracle that she was able to hold on given that she is just an ordinary woman. It was her determination to bring him in this world that let him survived and lived. Perhaps, if it were other woman, then the both of them will surely die.

“Gugugugugu.” – She baby talks.

The baby woke up and opened his eyes. He gave a long soundless yawn and his cute eyes squinted.

“You’re so cute… let me kiss you.”


She gave kisses on both sides of his cheeks and lower lips.

He turned red.

“Good morning, baby Luke. How are you today?”

He isn’t familiar of this world’s language, so he can’t understand her.

And at this moment, his mind is preoccupied with a number of things as he tried to understand the situation he’s in.

Where am I? Who are you?

Wait a minute… stone walls, old furniture’s, old looking place… and

Oh! I’ve become a baby.

And this is not my world.

I was reincarnated? Really?! Is this for real?! I am not dreaming, am I?

But why would I be reincarnated? Do all people get a second life? If not, then why me? I never did anything good or great to deserve another life.

How did I reincarnate? This is a mysterious occurrence.

Oh! This kind of thing is what I read in light novels. Fu*k! Tell me I’m not dreaming!

Aw! Stop poking me you little witch!

Pain!? S*it! So this s*it is real!


I really did reincarnate. Then, what should I do?

Oh! What’s this? Why it suddenly turned pale-blue. Are those light particles?

Ah! I get it. I was reincarnated in different world where magic exist.


I really am a lucky bastard.

This really looks like those Japanese light novels and this looks good.

Then, I will do what most MC did.

Make a harem.


This will be my commitment in this new life.

I will make most of this life. Then dying a second death is acceptable. I will make it so, that I’ll never regret anything when I held my last breath again.

And when I grow, I’ll start with this girl. I’m sure she’ll grow to my liking.


How’s my family? Will they miss me if I’m gone? Are they alright?

I’m sure they’ll be alright, even without me. If only I was able to leave a message before I died, after all, they’ve been very good to me even though I’m useless.

Ahh… I will miss them.

Ah! Aw! Aggghhhhh! It’s painful! Fu*k! It hurts like hell! Make it stop! Please!

At the moment he awakened his consciousness. His brain can’t handle the massive surge of information it processes, so it has to expand its operation. This situation leads to the development of his brain, an upgrade. Because of this, the black spot or the non-functional part of the brain starts to develop, it was because the brain development of the child was stimulated by these influx. But the pain it will incur is so severe that you will wish to die… let alone a child.

“What is it? Hushhhhh… Don’t cry baby Luke, I am here.”


An hour later… Two plump middle-aged women came from the door. They are wearing dark-blue kirtle over a smock with a pointy linen shoes. Their hair was pulled back in embroidered hennin and covered with a long plain white veil.

“What have you done?!” – A stern plump woman harshly asked the girl.

“I swear mother, I didn’t do anything to him. He just cried and cried. I tried to comfort him, but he didn’t stop. Then he suddenly stopped crying as though he’s… d-dead.” – The girl was crying that she stutters as she stated the truth to the woman who had just finished healing the child.

“You squat by the door until noon and from now on, you will not go near this boy.”

“No, please madam. Give me another chance. I’ll accept any punishment but that. Please mother let me take care of him. Please…” – The girl pleaded.

The girl was taken into the orphanage a year ago. Her entire family were killed and her younger brother died from illness a month after it was born. Her circumstances made her timid and fretful that it was hard for her to adapt to her current environment. However, when she saw the child and was assigned to take care of him, she became cheerful. He reminds her of her own brother that she once had taken care and she looked after him like her own brother.

“Insolence! You dare to disobey. I should beat you with a stick.”

“Mother, please~”

“Now, now~ please Sister Brenda. Don’t be like that. All this boy needs is a little rest.” – The woman that healed him told to the other woman.

“As for you, my dear child, you are not relieved of your duty.”

The woman faced the girl as she caress her cheeks, making her to feel bless. And upon hearing these words, she almost jumps in joy.

This woman is the head of the orphanage – the Saint Ellenaire’s Institute.

Her name is Celia and the children refer to her as mother. Of all the staffs of the orphanage, she was the most likable person that the children loved.

“But Sister Celia, this child clearly disregards my decision in my presence. Surely if we let this off without giving any corporal punishments, it will become a major problem in her character.”

“Indeed. However, we should understand that she is still a child. If she done things excessively then, you can punish her. But regarding this matter, we should be – considerate.”

She looked at the girl which shows admirations to her words. Then, she looked again to Brenda. Seeing her serious look, Brenda couldn’t help but agree to her words and looked at the girl full of disdain in her eyes. But before she went off, she was called again.

“Now, if I could bother you for a little, will you please call a doctor to check this boy’s condition?”

“Then, I will call Master Merald.”

Then Brenda left the room.

“Thank you mother, I promise to take care of Luke carefully this time.”

“Then, I will leave you as is.” – She said and left, leaving the girl and the child.


A year had passed.

The child is now accustomed to his surroundings where he can now understand the language the people used and learned of his name – Luke.

In the same old room that he’s become familiar to every nooks and turns, a room for only two – him and the young girl.

This petite girl is known as Ella and she is currently spoon feeding him.

After she finished feeding him, she took out a vial of colourless liquid. It is a thick liquid that has a weird smell. She put it in his mouth to make him drink it and gave him a cup of milk afterwards.

He is now accustomed to the aftertaste of it as he’d been drinking it for a year now. Though he can’t stomach the taste, he can’t do anything about it, he can only swallow every drop of it. He knows that it is the only thing that will make him better at days and sleep at nights.

However, there are times that the availability of the medicine becomes a major problem. Then those painful nights seems to last forever, though, the healers of the orphanage applied healing magic to ease the pain but the magic is losing its effectiveness the more it is applied. And during those times, this young girl is always by his side, taking care of him.

She placed her slender hands on his cheeks and then rubs it with her thumb. She gave a faint smile.

“This is the last vial. Mother said that the medicine will be available in 3 days.”

He can see it in her eyes that she was deeply saddened by the news as she gripped the empty bottle in her small hand.

Sometimes, he wondered how this small child can be this thoughtful and matured.

He gave her a smile. It is all he can do for now.

He wanted to tell her how thankful he is, that she is always by his side to take care of him. He really can’t forget those nights where she places a hot towel on his forehead, wiping his tears and sweats, singing a melody and caressing him that made him somewhat feel better.

Someday, I will return all the favour. Everything you’ve done to me, your kindness, your love, I will return it ten folds, no, a hundred folds.

His true sentiment towards the girl and he’s been determined to do. Then following that night, are long sleepless and painful nights for the both of them.



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