Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Broken promise and the twisted truth)

3 days after, 5 carriages arrived in the orphanage.

Luke stood in-line with the other children saying their last farewell to a close family and friends.

He watched Ella get in one of the carriage together with other 19 children.

I have a bad feeling but what is it?

He is slightly shaking, anxious. A part of him wants to stop the carriage where Ella was in from leaving the place but he brushes it off.

Maybe, I just don’t want to see her go. Am I that clingy to her? Damn! I feel like a hopeless child.

Ella stuck her head out in the carriage window to see Luke one last time, and then the carriages starts to move. He and the rest of the children follow them behind as the carriages went down the road, until they are at some distance away.


Night time, though it wasn’t that late as children are ought to sleep early an hour or two after the sunset.

Luke is in his bed. He is moving side-to-side and then got up. He can’t sleep.

Did I really miss her that much? Am I really that attached to her? Arggg!

It has been 3 weeks since she left. And it has been 3 weeks that he was bothered by it that he can’t fall asleep.

He got out from the bed and went downstairs.

He took a stroll outside.

The moon is so bright that it lights all the surroundings, enough for him to see his way in the courtyard.

The courtyard is around 250 m2, enclosed by a single 3 storey building. The architecture has similarities to renaissance period. In the center of the courtyard is a deep well for drinking.

He seated next to it while leaning his back on the stone wall surrounding the well. He looked at the moon and let his thought to drift.

Ahh… do you see the moon as I did? It’s beautiful isn’t it?

“We will meet again someday. I will find you.”

In some place, a girl is sitting in one corner of a room.

Her eyes were bloodshot as she cried a river.

Her body is cold and was covered only by a piece of blanket.

This girl is Ella.

2 weeks ago, she arrived in a castle with the other young girls. Believing they were here to work as servants. The girls were carefree as they gone to their quarters. They never knew that, the noble that resides in this place has peculiar fetish, he’s into young girls.

And it was Ella’s turn this time.

Upon knowing her circumstances the first time she witness how other girl’s ended up, that she cried for a whole day. Wishing that someone will save her from this dark castle, however, not all things ended up in favourable situation like those she heard in stories, where a prince saved the princess in the nick of time. This makes her even more miserable and desperate. She hopes for a knight to come and save her. A cruel world it is that, knight are servants of this wicked noble. Then who will save her?

No one…

She thought.

In a big dining room, 15 people are seated around the long dining table. The main quarters of the staffs were indulged in luxury, and this room is the most luxurious of all. The food on the table is all delectable garlanded by finely-crafted silverware and glassware.

At the head of the long table sat a 47 years old man of medium build and wears flamboyant dress.

His name is Fergara. His plump face shows self-importance, like a noble when he’s not. On his side is a short staff, however, this staff is no ordinary as there is a feeling of ominous energy gathers around it.

Though he is in his forties, he looked like he’s in his late 20’s. In this world, the lifespan of an average person can reach 120 and aging is a slow process. However, a magician can exceed the average lifespan and age even slowly and extremely powerful magicians can double that.

The man stood on his chair as he held a glass of red wine.

“This year will be the most profitable year we have so far. We have all, the finest product that will be sold at the highest price possible. So I called for a celebration, a toast for everyone!”




No one knows that the orphanage is engaged in selling children in the last 10 years. When the head of the institution was replaced by Celia 11 years ago and the rest of the workers were kicked out from the institution. Now, only the rotten people manage the orphanage for the last 10 years.

They sold the children to some nobles as playthings, to the brothels around the city and to slave traders.

Business like this is always profitable as abandoned children are found everywhere and no one will come looking for them if they were taken. And besides, an institution that looks after these abandoned children will never receive suspicion from the public.

The orphanage will accept the children, educate them, and make them clean and presentable to make their price higher than regular children being traded around the capital.  High price and no tax, plus the money that came from donations and the king’s aid, they sure are overflowing with money.

“We shouldn’t have sold that girl, not right now.” – Brenda

“Why is that?” – Fergara

“What is it that your worrying Brenda? The girl fetches a high price. Lord Baler will be satisfied of the goods. It is all that matters.” – Celia

This is the real Celia, a cunning and merciless woman. Everything she had shown goodness to the children were all just an act, to bring them into a complete obedience under her control.

“Ohh~ I don’t know. It’s just that, the boy is probably missing her.”

“Don’t worry about the boy. Surely we can find a way to make him comfortable in this place.” – Fergara

“Yes, he can make friends with everyone. Then he won’t find it hard to be alone. And as the time pass, he will forget about the girl.” – Old woman.

“Yes. What she said is true Brenda.” – Celia

“But he is still a boy. It won’t be funny if one day his body will wither longing for that girl. And besides, who will take care of him? We won’t be able to find a girl like her. And if worse comes worse, we won’t be able to complete the end of our bargain. The boy is very important, is what I’m saying.” – Brenda

“Do not worry, if he shown that he is capable of magic at the age of 10. Then, all we have to do is send him to chief then, our job here is done.” – Celia

“By the way, how’s the boy?” – Fergara

“He’s doing well these days. And he is gifted with intelligence.” – Celia

“Then it won’t be a guess that he can wield magic, afterall he’s a bastard son from the House of Vyrwel’s. Perhaps it is now time to start manipulating him.” – Fergara

“Then, do as you will. I am sure that the organization will find him useful.”

“Yes. The organization already has a plan on how to use him. All we have to do is to ensure that he will do our biddings in complete obedience. Now, carry on, carry on… the food will get cold. Everyone let us enjoy our feast! We have a lot of things to do tomorrow. We have a lot of fine children to sell. Hahaha!”

“Then I’ll have my fill. Hahaha” – The other women laugh.

The sound of their laughter resounds in the entire room.

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