Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life




(AN: I used eternity as a unit of time here. Determine it like this: aeon is 1 billion years, and eternity is beyond that. It is indefinite, unknown, or undetermined.)


In the beginning, before the creation, there was nothing but darkness. And for an eternity it envelops everything.

However, a mysterious event transpired. In the boundless space of the cold and empty void, light particles gathers and swirls within a single point until it forms a mass brighter than any other stars. And for an eternity, this mass had accumulated enough energy which determined its growth. And all this time, the dark void continuously draws in and sucks the light creating a colossal vortex around it, but the light is unyielding. It fought back to keep its form and a tag-of-war happened between these two cosmic force. And then, the moment it reached the peak of its development, the entire dark space of void trembled. The mass of light became unstable which generated a concentration of light that shoots upward and downward direction from the mass. It happens in a few seconds and then it was followed by a great burst of explosion which shook the void.

It was an occurrence that changed everything, the emergence of a Divine Being – the birth of God.

When everything subsided, an entity emerged and took on a mission to spread life in this empty void. First, God created a spherical domain. He then partitioned it into three layers. At its core, is the heaven in which God spent a lifetime creating; then there’s the inner and the outer layer which consists of billions of multiverses and continuously expanding.

However, all of His work that He spent an eternity to create will mean nothing if it will be destroyed by the void. So in order to protect His creations, the outer layer will function as natural barrier from the influence of the dark void and filled it with mysterious energy that constantly repels and keep the void in check.

Then in the next 7 billion years, is the creation of all things according to His will.




Monday morning, the streets are bustling with activities like any other ordinary days.

It was a normal day for most people.

However, an unexpected accident occurs.

A young man suddenly fell in the ground and blood flowed like a river from his head tainting the asphalt red. He was hit by a stray bullet but there was not a single gunshot fired, it just came out of nowhere.

This scene had created a huge commotion from the crowd of people nearby. Moments later, they gathered around him. There are people who help him but the rest of the crowd simply watch as the event unfolds.

He didn’t feel anything like pain and he didn’t feel his body either as he tried to move. He could smell the stench smell of his own blood. As he keeps his consciousness, streams of his life’s memories flooded his mind – a flashback of the good and bad days. The thought of a person that is about to die, but because of this he was able to reminisce and remorse. Then he gave up, he knows this is going to be his end as at this moment, he can hardly keep his consciousness.

A bitter tear fell from his left eye and mixed with blood on the ground.

He can’t accept his fate, is what he feels this moment.

Although, this moment only lasted for a minute, it seems like hours inside his consciousness.

“Hmm… hmmm…*Cough**Cough* hmmm…” – He opened his mouth to gasped for more air. His body twitched a few times, until it stopped the moment he runs out of breath.

However, the moment he held his final breath, pulses of luminous light was being emitted by the black ornament he wore on his neck.

It was a necklace he purchased a long time ago from a street vendor that sells unusual stuffs, ie. protective amulets and talismans, strange herbal medicines, love potions, cursed candles, leaflets of Latin prayers, etc.

Out of curiosity he purchased the necklace adorned with a single black stone the shape and size of a flattened pebble. He was told by the vendor that the stone was bewitched which brings luck to its wearer and that the stone was found by the amulet hunter when he ventured in the forest filled with lore’s of mystery.

What they didn’t know is that, the stone is a fragment from space. It was a fragment of origin and it dates back to when God first appeared, and a powerful compressed form of energy but for some reason it became dormant and turned into a single speck of dust in space that found its way to Earth. Angels and demons seek to find this powerful relic, for angels, it is to protect all creations. But for demons, it will be used to dethrone God and plunge everything into darkness. But these entities never found it as it has mysterious power that hides itself, even from God.

And for some reason, it resurfaced and was found by the amulet hunter. Without knowing its real value, he makes a necklace out of it, calling it as amulet then sold it to a vendor until it got into his hand.

The stone responded to his emotions and it awoken from its long inactivity.

A faint luminous light shone within the stone. It disintegrated and reverted back to its true form, a single speck of the purest form of energy which created God, and now it is attracted to matter. It is attracted to him.

Strands of silvery-white light swiftly penetrated his skin. In the next moment, it invaded his whole body. And because of this he regains his consciousness – he’s alive. Yet, his thoughts were muddled that he can’t think of anything. He could only feel the burning sensation in his body.

Strand of light runs back and forth within him as he convulses. Then his dead body stopped moving as though everything did not occur, then his eyes opened. His brown pupil is now devoid of life but is swirling with faint light, until it fades as though it was sucked within the void.


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