Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(A scene at the clothing shop)

In a street bustling with activity, a young lad can be seen walking alongside with the other pedestrians. The street is clad with stones and concrete. The buildings are 5 storeys high which serves a purpose for both residential and commercial. The look and feel of the place is that of renaissance France. The city is well developed and proper sanitation is highly regarded. This is the city of Eldryne, capital city of Bruinne and the splendour of the Kingdom.

This young lad is wearing a dark red short over-gown which is worn over a brown doublet with ribbon ties, a slightly loose dark brown hose and a pair of pointy roughly made leather shoes. He has a pretty face but with a touch of manliness from his sharp eyebrows and dark-red eyes, with his hair being dyed black.

This fellow is Luke. Seeing him now will mistake him as a fine noble if only his clothes were finely made.

It has been 4 years, and all this years his growth is unprecedented. His physical appearance becomes even more evident, his intellect surpasses the young generation and his control over magic is unbelievable.

Though he doesn’t know any real spells, as spells needed a proper practice and study, however, he has developed certain skills. He can manipulate mana around him and use it more efficiently, bending it according to his will. He can invoke lightning in his palms, create fire, manipulate water, cast wind, and attract the earth, though these are just basic of this world’s magic.

He learned a lot about magic to some extent.

He learned that mana isn’t created or destroyed or can be stored and it will return to its original state when the spell dispersed, it follows a natural cycle.

He also learned that, a lineage directly affects the person’s affinity to magic it is because, magic is somewhat genetic. It’s more like a mutation in blood. The first people that practices magic has develop a unique affinity to a certain form of element, which are inherited by their descendants. Some people have the affinity to certain element, because their ancestors are masters of that element which let them learn magic that uses that element a lot faster. But that doesn’t mean they can’t learn and master the other elements.

Luke has a strong affinity to lightning, so his control over lightning is stronger than the other.

Another thing he learned is that, there is a limit in power a person can wield. It is more like, ‘the more the mage aged, the stronger they become’. Though, Luke is powerful than the other kids of his generation, in fact, a lot stronger than all the average kids. He can’t compare and measure his abilities to them.

He also has the Arcane Eyes which allows him to see mana around him when activated. These eyes isn’t unique as there are a lot who possess such eyes, those are the high levelled wizards. Every person who wields magic is gifted with these unique eyes, but failed to awaken it. All high level wizards had obtained these eyes as it is the prerequisite to become one as it helps them in their study of magic and perceive or counter other magic.

He reached his destination – the clothing shop.

The shop is the biggest in the city, and very popular among the nobles. The fashion in this world is very close to renaissance Europe. Where nobles wear embroidered fine-linen fabrics or silk and pointy leather shoes, while, most commoner can only dress in plain clothing.

He stopped in his tracks as he saw that the place is occupied by a number of nobles. This is to be expected as tomorrow is the start of the 3 days of festivities that the kingdom celebrates during the late quarter of the month of Ag-gar.

He can’t proceed inside as it will sullen the mood of the nobles who are having great time in showing their fabulousness, it will not be good if he will provoke them and be humiliated or worse be beaten after.

He waited outside where the luxurious carriages are lined. The street is wide enough to fit 5 carriages side-by-side, and the commoner are disciplined enough to not recklessly walk on the road in the way of the nobles’ carriage.

Then he saw an intriguing sight.

In a newly arrived carriage, a person came out. A person that he’s familiar although it’s the first time he saw him, he simply knew him based on what he had heard. The person has silver hair, dark-red eyes, and very handsome face. However, from his looks, he seems to be unapproachable as his handsome face protrudes the arrogance of the nobles. He dresses and carries himself the high nobles would be, that the other nobles would be very intimidated that they will give him a lot of face. This man is the duke of Drenhar, Duke Gregor Dynar Vyrwel.

He looked like he’s in his early 30’s but he is already 64 years old. He is a very powerful wizard. A master level wizard and was known for his high combat proficiency all over the country and being feared by many. For a wizard, the age of 70 is considered very young for a 1st class master wizard. And the duke is known as the most talented of his generation. Then becoming a very powerful high level wizard is just a matter of time.

He had known that this man is his grandfather, he learned it from Fergara. However, he isn’t concerned about it as he has his own life that he’s contented with. He has only two goals, first is to learn magic and second is to reunite with Ella.

Along with the duke is a young lad, a couple of years older than him. He has a resemblance to the duke which can be overstated as, the young duke.

He waited outside for about an hour and entered the store just as the other nobles had gone.

He went straight to the counter where a receptionist is on standby.

“Excuse me, but I was sent by Mr. Fergara to get his ordered clothes.”

“Do you have the consent and the receipt?” – The female receptionist inquired

He gave the consent letter and the receipt then she went inside a room. And moments later, she came back with a large package wrapped in hemp fabric tied with a hemp rope.

“This is Mr. Fergara’s order.” – She said

The package was larger than him that he can’t almost see his way forward.

“Excuse me.” – He said as he moved towards the exit.

But only a few steps away from the door that leads outside, he felt something bumps him. Then a loud small voice can be heard that everybody stops from what they’re doing.

“Ouch!” – A high-pitch voice came from a small girl.

He lowers the package enough for him to see what’s in the front.

He saw two small girls. In front of him, a girl with dark-reddish long hair dressed in elegant white and black over-gown. And the other one, is golden long haired in dark-blue floral high-waist gown with hanging sleeves. Although they’re still a child, their looks are very attractive that when they grow up, it is of no doubt that they’ll grow even more beautiful, a beauty that can cause the kingdoms downfall.

The girl facing him is looking scornfully at him.

You dare to bump in me, a mere commoner. Hmmp~

“My apologies my lady, please forgive me.” – He said as he lowered his head.

She was taken aback by how decent the person in front of her that she almost forgets her purpose.

“Are you blind?!”

“My deepest apologies if ever I offended you, my lady. But I didn’t mean it so please overlook it, just this once.” – He sincerely said

“Ohh~ He’s very polite isn’t he?” – Said the girl next to her.

“You dirtied my clothes!”

He can’t just go and leave her like that as it will be seen as disrespectful, especially he bump to her and she’s making a fuss about it. If he just walk out and leave her, then he will be seen as disrespectful and irresponsible. Moreover, this is a gathering place for nobles there will be no sentiment for him if he done such a thing, even if he’s just a boy.

“And I am reflecting for my grave mistake. It is my mistake that I dirtied your fine dress and I know it is rude of me but I asked you to forgive this servant, my lady.”

“Should you just forgive him, he’s so sorry you know. Fufufu~!”

“Forgive him? Hmmp! He dirtied my favoured dress. How can I forgive him?”

“Please forgive this foolish me, my lady.” – He lowered his head even further.

He closed his eyes in disbelief. He thinks he’s very unlucky to bump into her. He really can’t reason out to her or he will incur her wrath even further. So all he can do is to humble himself more. And it seems effective as she didn’t pursue the matter about dress.

“Fufufu~ I am so enjoying this.” – Said the golden haired girl

“Hmmp! You’re a commoner. This is not a place for commoners.”

“I was in an errand, my lady.”

“So you’re a slave then?”

“No, my lady, it is as you say; a commoner of low birth.”

“You’re still a lowlife afterall. They shouldn’t let a commoner run freely in this place.”

No matter how he was insulted by her, he felt nothing. Why would he be bothered from the insult came from a 9 years old girl. He simply wished for her to stop.

A handsome and burly man in his 30’s approached her. He has a slight resemblance to the girl.

“Layla, we should go.” – Said the man.

“But grandfather, he sullied my favourite dress!”

“Then… You! Drag him out and teach him a lesson.”

The man called to one of his servants, the servant complied and stands next to him ready to drag him out.

Seeing how things will proceed, he readily accepts his fate.

“Heh~ Look at what you’ve done, you silly girl. Poor boy, I pray that his handsome face won’t be severely injured. Fufu~” – The golden haired girl

“What is it?”

A handsome man in his 30’s is walking towards them. The man’s hair is gold in color, similar to the girl by his side.

“Grandpa! This boy is being punished.” – The blonde girl told to the man.

“I see… Then, are you at fault boy?”

However, just as he’s about to answer the man, he felt something in his head.

“I didn’t mean to trouble you, my esteemed lords. But, I swear it is all a misunderstanding.” – Luke

“Heh~ You have a silver tongue at such a young age. I’ve never seen a boy of low birth so eloquent as you. Tell me, what is your name?”

“My name is Luke, your grace.”

“Then… Luke is it? You can go now.”

Puzzled about what he means by it. Is he free to be drag outside or he can go on his own?

“I said you can go now.”

“Then, forgive my rudeness, my lord, as I’ll take my leave now.”

He observed his surrounding first whether it is fine to leave. Confirming that there are no objections, he politely bowed then quietly left the scene.

The man was left standing still as he pondered the thing he learned. Then he smiled a little bit, that the other man with dark-red hair had noticed of it.

“What’s with that smile? You’re thinking of something are you? Is it about that boy just now?”

Hearing this, his eyes twitch and a glance at the man. He recovered his composure and traced his jaw-line with his middle finger.

He dismissed the servants, until the two of them remain. He then walks towards an empty corner.

Seeing him like this, the dark-red haired man followed him behind as he observed the surrounding.

Then they stopped by the window where he can see the subject of their discussion walking in the street.

“So what is it?”

“Hoho~ That boy is interesting.” – The golden haired man

“I can see it in your eyes.” – The dark-red haired man

“Hehe~ I can’t completely read his mind.”

“Don’t play with me. What do you mean?”

“Oh I’m not kidding. I was repelled, the moment I delve more into his memory.”

“Is it for real?! But how’s that possible?”

“First and foremost, his mind is very hard to read, it’s vague. Then, he’s completely aware of my presence inside.”

The red-haired man becomes wary of Luke’s existence. He never heard anything like it before.

Then he realized the extent of it.

“What a frightful existence! But, how was he able to resist you?”

“I don’t know. All I know, is he’s marvellous. He’s more talented than our younger generation that I have seen. Heck! We’re not even that close. Perhaps, his talent is comparable to the high wizards when they are young.”

“Then, are you going to take him under your tutelage? You saw him first, you can take him.”

“Heh~ If only it is simple as that.”

The man paused for a bit and observed his surroundings. He then closed his eyes.

“He’s Gregor’s grandson, that bastard…”

This revelation left the other man in shock and disbelief that he seems to have left his brain somewhere.


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