Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(The ignorance of being indifferent)

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[AN: This chapter will tell you about the MC.]

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An hour later after that incident, Luke is currently walking until he arrives in front of a manor – a single three storey gothic structure surrounded by 2 meter iron fence.  It was the residence of Fergara. Apparently, similar structures are lined in both sides of the street all across the neighbourhood which only shows how prosperous the people living in this city under the rule of their king, such was the rich district in the north section of the city. It has walls that separate it from the commoner’s district in its north and west section and the noble’s district in its south, and in the east is a vast lake – the Lake Eldryne. and covers the eastern most part of the city.

When he approached the front gate, a male servant hurriedly went to open it for him.

“How’s your day? You’re just in time Mr. Fergara is looking for you. He’s waiting in his office. Oh… I’ll help you with that.” – The servant said and took the package from him.

“Well thank you Mr. Poncho. Everything is fine on my end, somehow.”

He didn’t want to talk what happened earlier, so he headed towards the house.

Wherever he went, he always received a lot of favourable impression from various people for being polite and adorable child, especially with older women. They simply gave him a lot of attention, for whatever things he does even the smallest of things, he gets praise for it. It is not far from being spoiled by those people.

They went to the main door of the house and straight into the office.

He stopped in front of the door and the servant swiftly went in front of him and then knocked three times.

“Come in!” – Shouted by a man inside the room.

And the servant opened the door, he thanked the servant in return and the servant gently bowed. Although, the servant hand is full as he is holding the package, that it will be seen as somewhat rude of him for letting the servant to open it for the two of them, it is simply the servant’s job albeit having similar status.

There, they found Fergara comfortably sitting in his elegant looking chair.

When Fergara took him under his care, it was made clear among the servants that he will be treated with utmost care and attention like a young master of this house, when he heard it along with the servants, he told Fergara that it should be fine if he will be treated like the rest of them. But Fergara simply taps his shoulder and told him that he’s not ‘one of them’ but rather an apprentice.

Long after that, the servants took great care of him not because they were ordered but because they had simply grown fond of him and they loved him as he is such an adorable child.

When he was still an infant, it was Fergara who bought him the medicine to cure his sickness. Then, Fergara took him in this city and taught him many things. For this he should be grateful and the people had thought so, for a man who had no apparent heir as he remains single to this day, took pity to an orphan, raise the boy like one of his own. And the child will forever be grateful to his foster parent for giving him/her the shelter, care and love; however, he is no mere child and he is not grateful to him either.

He understands that everything Fergara had shown is just a façade. At first, he was taken by the kindness Fergara had shown him, and he was grateful. However, when it was revealed to him the truth about his parents, he started to doubt this man. A man who knows his parents and took him under his care has positive merits if only his grandfather was not a duke and the man is not some merchant. Of course he shouldn’t judge the man, but if the man starts telling him stories which is unfavourable towards his family, then there’s a reason for his doubt.

He is indebted to him, but he is not grateful and he’ll never be. Although, being indebted doesn’t mean he can’t leave – he can and he will. Especially, if Fergara will demand something that will inhibit his freedom, thinking of the rights the people in his previous world had, he will leave him without a second thought. And so far, Fergara has been very good towards him.

“Ah…! There you are my boy! I’ve been waiting for you all day. Ah… Let me see that, come, come.”

The servant brought to him the package and Fergara excitedly opens it. He had known that Fergara is an aficionado of fashion and everything about luxury as he indulges himself in every aspect of extravagance that he spends most of his money in expensive things, especially wines and clothes.

He dresses himself like nobles and always on the lookout for new trend in fashion. And in front of many people he will flaunts his fat belly that the dress will almost rip open and reveal all of his fats that he accumulated over the past years.

“Ah… There it is. Beautiful, it’s exactly the way I like. What took you so long, my boy?” – He said as he carefully check the dress

“Ah… I got into a little bit of trouble but it is fine.”

“Hoh… What kind of trouble a smart fellow like you will get into?”

“Mmm… I happen to bump into some noble.”

“You bump into some nobles? Ha! And they make it such a big deal, isn’t it? Those nasty nobles are really heartless and troublesome! If it’s me, I will show them not to mess up with me. You heard that? I am going to show them who’s who and who’s not to be messed with. Hahaha!” – He bragged

Luke didn’t feel to respond. He had absolute understanding of Fergara’s personality: ambitious who wants everything for himself, a fraud who’ll cheat even his granny, a covetous when it comes to money, and a coward that he won’t hesitate to abandon his comrade.

“Are you hungry? Here…”

Fergara handed him a small elegant looking silver box.

“This… was imported from the other side of the world, they call it brown sweet. Come, go on and take it.”

He accepted it.

“Try it. Don’t be shy.”

He opened the box and saw the treats inside. He took a small piece and ate it.


“Do you like it?”

He nodded.

“Then have some more, come on. You can take everything.”

Without reservations, he took a handful and put it on his small shoulder bag or incites Fergara’s persistent personality which will end having the same conclusion – him taking the chocolate. Seeing him like this, Fergara is all smiles.

“Now, head to your room and study these books.” – Fergara said as he gently pushed three books stacked together in the table towards Luke.

He looked at the book and read its title – Book in Arithmetic, Philosophical Approach and The Adventure of Almegr.

He was disappointed. Over these years, Fergara is providing him books for him to study, but he didn’t need all of it as the knowledge contain in those books can never be compared to what he learned back in Earth. The only books he would love to spend his time in reading and studying are books relating to magic. Books are expensive, as these books are being manually produced by scholars. It is because there are no means to speed up the production of these books. And magic books are produced in small quantity as it is made by individuals who are known as scribers, a specialize job mainly for creating mystic scrolls and grimoire.

Though, Fergara professed his plan to teach him regarding magic when he reach the age of 9, as it is widely expected that a child’s talent for magic will become apparent when he/she reach the age of 10-12, but of course some had shown to have manifested their ability to wield magic when they reach the age of 9, but these are the young geniuses from a well-known family.

When he’s 5 years old, he already is capable of wielding this mysterious force and now he is looking forward to properly learn real spells; nevertheless, he can’t do anything about it but to simply wait, as he is considered underage.

One time, he considered revealing his talent, if he did then perhaps he will be regarded as someone special, then someone will get him into their entourage and received backing from this person to learn wizardry. However, there is the possibility that he will put his life at risk; such as, being regarded as different, and being different has certain amount of danger it carries. Carelessness will only bring disaster, so he’ll simply wait; afterall, he will only have to wait for another year.

“Yes Mr. Fergara and thank you.”

Though, he knows his façade, he feign ignorant about it. Afterall, he needs this man to find Ella and learn magic.

Fergara watch him and can’t help but feel satisfied over himself. He spent 4 years in making this child under the influence of his manipulation. He had been very careful not to arouse this child suspicion, he already reach the conclusion that this child is extraordinary even extraordinary than the other geniuses of this generation – a true protégé.

This child had shown capable of handling task even adult find it hard – managing documents, auditing and putting it into account.

At first, he simply wants to teach him but when he exposed him to business, he discovered that he’s more than capable than him, that he proposed various new ideas which are helpful in running his company and his profit increased. The other merchants inquired about the secret of his success, in which he is being boastful in his answers saying it is simply his ‘luck’ and ‘skills’.

He let him manage a part of his business to Luke and this boy discovered the irregularities regarding his business – he’s engaged in small time smuggling and he’s not properly paying his tax or not paying at all. In which he feign ignorance over this matter and blames his subordinates. After that, he paid his tax appropriately and lessened his black trade, afterall, he is profiting more than ever and benefited a lot in engaging legally, so he’s fairly satisfied.

Nevertheless, he is also risking of being discovered by this boy, for letting him learn many things. At first he thought it was necessary as it will gain the attention of his grandfather. However, as the time pass, he is feeling the pressure. And if the plan fails, then, he will surely meet his doom as the syndicate will have his head served on the plate. He can’t let it happen; he must do something about it. He must send this boy to the chief as soon as possible and be free of burden.

He noticed that Luke took something from his chest. Upon seeing it, his eyebrow twitched but quickly suppressed his irritation.

“Is that another letter?” – Fergara asked

Luke nodded in response and handed the letter to Fergara.

“This should be the last one, you get me?” – Fergara said, a hand holding the letter is pointing towards Luke making an emphasis.

He nodded once again like an obedient child he is.

“Haiz… I will forgive you, but no more letters next time. You already sent five letters this month alone, when you know how much it cost. Look, I want you to stop worrying about that girl. She’s in good condition and is very diligent in her work. How do you expect her to make a reply when she’s working day and night? I know what you feel, I was like you before. However, you must know that she is doing it for you and you must endure it. I had promise to bring you to her, yes? So I want you to wait for that time, when the time’s right. Hm.”

There is always a time when Luke is thinking about Ella.

Although he is considered a genius among genius, he is still not capable of knowing everything. He doesn’t have any idea that the orphanage is engage in selling children, that the orphanage is working with the syndicate, that the orphanage sold Ella, and she is suffering for years.

If he learns of this, then probably he’ll be angered and for a person who didn’t feel any strong feeling of emotions, it is a foreign feeling. In these past years, his personality drastically changed, his emotions are suppressed or it is not far from being devoid of emotions.

Four years ago, his brain development threatens his consciousness, his very existence – as a human who came from Earth. It is like, deleting data to make room for new, erasing the current him to create new persona. He noticed that every year that pass, his personality changed.

I seem to have changed. I am not the same person that I used to before. My emotion does not get into me, as though, I am in complete control of everything. Although, I should be glad that I do not have the qualities of a loser anymore, I am afraid of what will become of me – will I become another person? And if I do, I have a feeling that I will become somewhat different. All I have left is my memory from my previous life and I feel that my old self is gradually fading.

Then, he comes into a realization: he may exist or alive again but what will happen if he loses his personality, is he him or just another person that thinks it’s him?

No… this can’t be happening. I don’t want to lose myself, and if I did, then I won’t be grateful I was given a second life. Or is this supposed to happen? When I think about it, there are a lot of mysteries of my reincarnation. The question why I was reincarnated is still left unanswered. Or do people reincarnate? But for a people to reincarnate with their old memories will have drastic change to history, it’s like when a reincarnated mechanical engineer builds the first car or if Thomas Edison reincarnated then surely he will establish an electric company.

Then, there is one answer to his question.

Am I really the only reincarnated person in this world?

But losing my self is a bad thing, is it? I must do something about it. But what should I do? Should I just accept as it is? But for a person, emotions are what really make us human. It gives birth to sympathy, desire, hopes, dreams etc. which in turns will make us (human) know who they are – as a person that has its own personality to be recognized. If I lose it, then, who am I? And what is my purpose?

Then another idea pops up – Memory.

Ah! My memories from my previous life, if I can keep it alive should my old self remain? Should all of my worries be solved? They said that memory is a powerful thing. 

He then decided to put his hopes on his memories and relived his old self: ambitions, desires and lust. Then his brains’ rapid development slowed that he can keep up with it and managed to keep a very small part of his old self.

But the impact of this change to his personality is that, he became indifferent towards other matter. When he discovered that Fergara is engage in smuggling of goods and evading taxes, he overlooked it. And there was a time when he witnessed a slave being beaten to death in the street, where he felt no sympathetic feeling towards the slave as he simply walks away from the scene. It is understandable because, there is no way he could save the slave but to feel no compassion at all, it is strange – it is inhuman. However, it is different when it comes to Ella where he can be a caring person. He realized this long before and came up with a conclusion that, it is caused by his sentimental feelings he felt before that he was able to retain such feelings for her.

Is it love? No. He wasn’t infatuated to her nor he can feel love. It was one of the emotional states he lost.

Love, greed, pride, envy, etc. he felt little to such things except for one, ambition – his ambition to master magic. Like the feelings he felt towards Ella, his desire to learn magic deeply etched in his heart and mind, like an obsession.

“Now, let us have our lunch, my belly’s been grumbling that my pet inside my stomach are trying to eat my intestine. Hahahaha! Come. And I have a party to attend, this evening.” – Fergara said as he leads Luke by the shoulder to head outside.


[AN: So how did you like it? Okay let us clarify some things here. A man who lost his emotions, well pretty similar to Tatsuya Shiba of The Irregular at Magic High School(Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. The cause of this is because he unlocked the potential of his brain, just like Lucy, but unlike her, his is when his brain received a massive influx of information and needed to expand, hence the result. But he suppressed it. Why? He is afraid of losing his self. Imagine a person devoid of any emotions – like Tatsuya Shiba, where he’s insensitive of the feelings of the others and I pity him (Well he’s a badass boss) and Lucy, if not for Morgan Freeman she wouldn’t have a purpose. Don’t worry guys, he was able to suppress it, he still had little emotion left in him, including lust. Yeah, remember he relived his memories, he wanted a harem remember however it is certainly weak.]

[AN: How do you think he did that? For his ambition for magic, he practiced magic. For his lust, well maybe, just maybe, he simulated those activities in his mind. So he couldn’t practice it so it was weak. And as the day passed by, he forgot it.]

[AN: I scrapped 3 chapters and created this one, so it had affected the progress of the story. I scrapped it because it contains explicit scene. I don’t want my female reader to feel disgusted *cough* of me. So in the next 3 chapters, it will be straight forward chapters.]

[AN: Why is it that he didn’t know anything about what they do in the orphanage?  Well, as the chapter title suggest, he is ignorant for being indifferent. And after Ella left, she was brought to the capital by Fergara. And Fergara is being cautious of that matter, as he is aware of his capabilities.]

[AN: In every anime and movies the most powerful power or plot hole is the power of love, friendship and memory. Well let’s try to incorporate all of it in this novel not because to reach the greater height of power but, to change our MC.]

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