Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(A lunch with the Lenforth)

[AN: Again please bear with my grammar. and also, I spent a week making a map, however I wan’t to explore this world slowly like we are exploring with the hero.]

After that long discussion and deliberation, Luke was brought to his new room in this mansion. It was a bigger room, 4x bigger compared to his room in Fergara’s house. The ambience is brilliant and exquisite, a testament of luxury that the duke has to offer for their guests.

On the ceiling, a massive chandelier with 6 fist-size orbs was hanged, these orbs has enchantment sealed within and when activated it will produce luminous light. Fergara’s house had magic items like this installed in every room, however, most of it only has 1-3 orbs. This kind of magic item is very expensive, enough to feed an average family for 1 year, and this item needs a replacement every 10 years if it is use on the regular basis.

There is a massive and luxurious bed, massive glass windows, dark colored curtains, enormous variety of paintings on the walls, statues and busts of people, swords and halberds. And there is also the extension room that leads to the dressing room and the bathroom.

The walls are painted with purplish-red and the floor is made entirely of marble tiles, at the center of the room is a carpet made from fierce beast.

“It is time for your bath, after that, is a lunch with the rest of the family. Let us proceed to the bathroom, shall we?” – A young and pretty maid named Narissa politely told him to which he simply nods in response.

When they’d entered the bathroom, the first thing he saw was a fabulous four legged bronze tub big enough to fit two adult, is filled with lukewarm water. He was then gently stripped naked by Narissa, and carefully he got plunged into the water. He didn’t raise a protest as he knows it was her job to take care of a child who’s still in need of assistance whenever they’re bathing. Also, it is a common custom for the nobles to have servants to bathe them. And besides, he is already accustomed to this kind of treatment since Fergara brought him in his house.

Narissa thoroughly washed him, but just as she was about to wash his private part, he stopped her. He could see her face blushed. It must be because it was her first time to see the private part of a man. Although, she already had seen many times the sensitive part of a child and considering his stature, he is, but Luke is circumcised and ‘his’ had grown a considerable size.

Circumcision has been part of this world’s culture, however in this country, only a minor group practices it. A year ago, he encountered one of these groups and took the initiative to be circumcised. His friends in the orphanage commended him for his bravery that his friends called him ‘Luke the Bravest in all Ellenaire’s’.

He could tell that the maid was a newly hired, based from the fact that her etiquette as a maid is a bit sloppy and her age isn’t far from that of 15 years old, so he didn’t want to trouble her. However, her eyes seem to tell that she’s a little bit disappointed or maybe it was a misunderstanding on his part as he didn’t consider the matter as something that important.

After that, he was led to the dressing room where he was dressed appropriately in a noble dress by Narissa. Just as he’s about to finish dressing, a servant came and inform them that it is almost time for lunch.

After his preparations, he heads to the dining room.


The dining room is big, bright and very luxurious. At the center, a long table with enough seats for 52 person but today there are only 38 seats, the chairs and the long table were made from a type of hardwood which is a little darker than mahogany wood with intricate engravings and designs. Above it, are two massive elegant chandeliers which brightens’ the entire room, even impressive than that he found in his room.

When he arrived in the dining room, he caught the sight of servants who are in the midst of preparation which is being led by the head maid.

He sat by the chair at the side of the entrance. He was a little bit early as it will be very rude of him if he comes late. As a guess of this house, being late is normal, if they would regard him as important as them.

And one after another, the family members of the duke arrived, in respect he gave a slight bow but they paid him no heed, instead they gave him a look of scrutiny. Then, the girl he saw before came, along with her a beautiful woman in her 20’s with lavender hair. He paid respect to the two newly arrived members.

“How come grandfather invited a commoner into this house? Does grandfather wants to run his own charity now? This is absurd.” – Layla said it in a manner that it would look like she’s talking to the woman, but she intended for him to know that he’s unwelcomed as she said it in an undermining tone enough for him and the few others to hear. Those who heard laugh and the sound of their laughter echoed in the entire room.

Just as everyone enjoys the cheerful atmosphere, Augustus came in and they all find their proper seat, including Luke who was guided by the servant to sit at the far end of the table.

Sitting next to the duke are his 3 wives, then his heir and family, and then there’s his 3 other sons and their family. These are family members who went with the duke in this city to attend the yearly celebration of the kingdom.

The food is now being served by servant’s who came in line as they brought these delicacies in trays and platters, and it was quite a feast.

“First of all, let us welcome our young guest, Luke.” – Augustus announced to which Luke had shown courtesy.

Luke didn’t have to stand, since all eyes were already on him.

“These were my wives; Elizabeth my first wife, Reginna my second wife, and Isabel my third wife. Here is my first son from Elizabeth and the future duke of Eludun, Stefan and his family; Matilda and their two sons Stan and Adrian, and their lovely daughter Layla.”

The duke then randomly introduced the rest of his family with a few description and his views he had with them. They can’t believe that the duke is so eager in his introduction to a mere child much less a commoner, as it is not in his personality to do so. The duke didn’t have the light personality to begin with as he is very authoritarian and everyone will agree to this. However, it was different the way he treat the boy in front of them. And they started to hate this commoner, but they can’t voice it, no, at least not in front of the duke.

“I have 34 children, 16 sons and 18 beautiful daughters, 5 of my sons died in the last war between our country and the kingdom of Azelmatur, these three here are in service of the kingdom, and 8 of my sons ended up useless. My beautiful daughters are all married to families of elites.”

The duke is talking while slicing a bite size of roast meat in his plate and ate it, and from time to time he point his fork in either one of them. The duke talked about his family which makes the other members to feel somewhat disturbed by this matter.

“Ehm… My love, let us not talk too much about our family alright, perhaps a child can’t relate to such matter.” – Elizabeth

“Perhaps we could ask something about him, so we could get to know him.” – Reginna.

They had told him in such allure and grandiose, that the duke could only agree.


“Luke is it? Who is your parents and what they do? Do they live here in this city or in the countryside?” – Elizabeth

“I don’t know my parents. The orphanage raised me since I was a baby.” – He answered courteously in a loud voice since he is far from her.

After their talks this morning, it was decided that the matter with his family will remain a secret.

“So, you’re an abandoned child then?” – His second son, Alfred.

“Mind your tongue.” – The duke quickly retorted back with reprimanding tone.

“Apologies father.” – The man apologised.

But Luke didn’t mind that slur, afterall, he wasn’t really from this world that he didn’t feel abandoned, and most of all, insult means nothing to him.

“Ehm… How old are you?” – Reginna asked to change the atmosphere.

“I am 8 years old and will be turning 9 this year’s early quarter of Umarr.”

This world has 372 days a year and is divided into 4 month which corresponds to the ancient gods and goddess: Ag-gar the winter, Elunar of spring, Eragar of summer, and Umarr of the autumn; and are classified into quarters for each phase in the changing of seasons – early quarter, middle quarter, and the late quarter.

“And where is this orphanage that you mention?” – Dukes third wife, Isabel.

“The name of the orphanage is St. Ellenaire’s Institute in Reg-gora city.”

“In Hismund?”


“Then how did you end up in this city?” – This time it was Elizabeth.

“I was adopted by the merchant of this city, Fergara Lancque.”

“I never heard of him. What is his business?”

“He brought local goods in this region.”

“I see. You were raised properly. Is he teaching you?”

“Yes. He has taught me a lot of things that I need to become a successful merchant in the future.”

“A wizard.” – The duke suddenly interrupted.

“What is it my love?”

“From now on, he will study wizardry and become a wizard.” – Augustus.

“A w-wizard?!”

“Yes… I will sponsor his study in the academy.”


When they heard the duke say those words, all of them were baffled.

“Are you sure about that father?”

This time, Stefan can’t contain his urge to speak up regarding this matter.

“Forgive me father but, how is he going to become a wizard? He is nothing but a mere commoner, even if you spend a fortune just to get him learn wizardry, it won’t get him anywhere to the level of a master wizard. His talent for magic is ordinary compared to the sons and daughters of other nobles.”

“I agree with Stefan. To send him in the academy, just to nurture a mere adept is nothing but a waste of money. My love, if you still insist on making him able to wield magic, we don’t need to send him to the academy. We had mages and wizards to teach him. If we send him in the academy, what the other family would think of us? It will ruin our prestige. Please my love, reconsider this.”

“Yes father, if you want to help this child, the kingdom is in need of mages. In 3 years, why not send him in the military for him to be able to learn combat spells.” – This time his third son, Norlan had spoken.

“Nonsense! All of you shouldn’t concern yourself in this matter. It is my decision and it is final.”

“Then perhaps, let us consider what he thinks of this. It would be rude to simply decide for his life, that isn’t ours to make.” – Elizabeth

Elizabeth then looked at Luke with eyes that say ‘reject him or else’.

“Do you want to be a mage?”

“Of course, he will become a wizard.”

But contrary to her anticipation, it was duke who gave the answer.

“From now on, he’ll be part of this family. So treat him well.” – Augustus continued.

When they heard of his announcement, surprise look were seen on their faces.

“Father!” – Stefan

“Stop! I don’t want to hear your opinion in this matter. Now, let us all finish our food, shall we.”

On the side, Layla’s crimson eyes were on Luke. Today, she had witness her father was reprimanded by his grandfather, although it wasn’t the first time but for her father to be reprimanded and the cause of it is this boy, a commoner. She has been quiet all along, it was because, it is not proper for a child like her to join the conversation of adults, especially regarding this heated conversation, only if she was asked that she was allowed to speak.

I don’t know why suddenly, grandfather wants to keep this lowlife. Hmp! I will make sure that you’ll learn your place and I will make grandfather realise that father is right all along.

“This afternoon, we’ll pay a visit to a friend, Rhemus.”

And the two continued their conversation to which the other members were skeptic of this.

[AN: Currently we are at the Gran Almeris… I mentioned some details in the previous chapters and I am lazy to explain it to you…]


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