Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(The men that suffered)

The king, who was hiding in the other room (in Rhemus office) and is observing everything in the opposite room using a form of observation spell, can’t hold himself from barging out when he witness the demonstration of the boy’s magic.

He was called through a letter by one of his trusted aid and long-time friend, Rhemus to introduce someone to him. He was informed that this boy is one of a kind – adorable, respectful and with good upbringing. If taking it into account, he had known a lot of children with these kinds of traits. But what made him decide to leave the palace and meet this boy is because of what his friend indicated in his letter – “This boy, will surprise you of his potentials”.

He had known Rhemus since they were just a child; they were playmates in their young’s, rivals in their schooldays, and comrades in times of war. For him, he is his true friend, who will even mourn with him in times of his loss.

That is why Rhemus is one of his trusted allies. And he trusts that Rhemus is not a fool to disturb his work just because he had met some adorable boy in the street. It is also the first time he was invited by his friend in his residence, excluding official visits and when he was still not the king. So he hurriedly wore his disguised to visit his friend only to be told to wait in his office and observe.

But he can no longer hold himself so he confronted them.

Seeing the king in front of them, Augustus cast a glance at Rhemus who looked away when their eyes met. He really didn’t have an idea that one of his friends, Richard would be here.

This rascal! He invited Richard without telling me. What does he think of me, a simpleton? I’ll get you after this.

“Or… the most powerful dark wizard in the history of mankind?” – King Richard spoke while making his way towards them without taking his eyes away from the boy.

The king stopped in between the two dukes who were standing close to Luke.

“I beg your pardon, your majesty.” – Augustus as he politely bowed.

“That is what I think… a threat to humanity.” – He plainly answered.

“H-how did you come up with such a conclusion, your majesty?”

Richard looked at his friend and slowly walked in-circle to the boy with eyes that seep deep into the body, as though he sees his very soul.

“Simple. Judging from his personality, I deemed him dangerous. Although the color of his eyes was like scorching fire of dragon’s breath; it is cold as winter nights, as though death has conquered him once. I had seen those kinds of eyes, eyes that are accustomed to death, eyes of a murderer… yes… I had seen them, too many times that I forgotten already, but not those eyes. Those I condemned to suffer and die in front of the public, those criminals who committed atrocities in my kingdom. I didn’t fail to judge these criminals guilty of their crimes; in fact I never failed, not once. Now, tell me Augustus, do you see a child in front of you? I see not a boy but a future dark wizard who will lay ruin to our city, kill our people and burn our families as they scream in agony; I see endless despair in him. You can’t see it? Or perhaps, you have grown too old and became senile. Augustus, we have been friends since we were just a mere boy… like him; and all the way to power, like what we have today. But this is the first time that you’re decisiveness had failed us. I know that amongst all of us here, you always believed that acting decisively will bring us… peace… or so that’s what we call it. And I know that I am not alone in my assumption, and I believed that is the reason I am here.” – He then looked at Rhemus which is staring back at him.

“And what do you plan on doing, your majesty?”

“End him.” – A straight flat answer from the king.

“Your majesty, must you soil your hands with the blood of the innocent child?”

“Haha! Our hands were already stained with the blood of innocent children, so what’s the matter? I am not fond of killing children, however, for the sake of the future generations, we must eliminate this threat.”

“But your majesty, if you’ll hear me out on this, please… lend me an ear. This boy is truly brilliant, nothing the world has ever seen. I am very sure that this child will make a contribution to magic, to further its advancement. He will become the kingdoms glorious wizard, hailed throughout the continent. He’ll bring glory to our kingdom.”

“Augustus, how many years thus this child had deceive everyone? A month? Two months? Three? A year? Maybe two, give and take let us agree it is two years. See, he had deceived many for hiding his power to everyone and it is that long; that nobody had taken noticed, until now. Yes… I can see his potentials; he is born with the gift of mind and magic. Only if not for the fact that he had deceived many at such a very young age, all I can say is… it terrifies me. Cold, ambitious, deceitful and talented in every way; these are the common traits shared by all dark wizards in the history of this world.”

“However, he is still a child… R-richard! He is Gregor’s grandson! Rhemus! Don’t just stand there!” – He calls for Rhemus as to help him convince King Richard.

“And the more we have to dispose of him. We can’t allow him grow. No matter what, we have to kill him! We have to. I can’t compare his potential than the safety of our kingdom and the future of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. No, I cannot. The risk is too great that it outweighs these potentials that you spoke of… even if he is the son or grandson of one of my dear friend.” – King Richard reasoned

Then suddenly, Luke collapsed on the floor while struggling to keep his consciousness. He is experiencing excruciating pain throughout his body. It is so severe that despite his high tolerance in pain he can’t keep himself from shrieking in agony that his body became cold.

“This boy must die!”

However, a mysterious force enveloped him and dispelled the negative energy that had tormented him for almost 15 seconds. It was Rhemus who dispelled this magic that he was now able to get up on his feet albeit a bit shaking.

“Your majesty, perhaps we should give this boy a chance to live. Possibly, in one of these days you will find him different from what you initially had thought of him.” – Rhemus who was staring blankly on Luke finally made his decision.

“Possibly… and you gave me an unsure future. Maybe this is our only chance… to kill this boy.” – The king responded emphasizing the word ‘maybe’ to refute him.

The king then looked at the shaking boy who is struggling to keep his balance. Earlier, he had sent his magic to attack this boy, although it wasn’t strong, it is enough to inflict sufferings to most mage that could kill him in mere seconds; he didn’t believe this boy would survive the mental attack just now.

Terrifying! – The king had thought.

“Are you not scared… boy?” – The king asked Luke.


“Oh~ you didn’t die after that and you’re not scared either… just what are you?”

It wasn’t a question, it was just his own monologue and he didn’t expect him to answer.

“Tell me, how do you feel?”

“A bit hazy.”

His answer made the king laugh for a moment, that laugh is not because he found it funny but because he is mocking himself.

“Are you not afraid of… death?” – As he cupped the boy’s chin using his right hand.

“I was not afraid of death. Since I was five, I do not feel any strong emotions, so I do not feel fear.”

“Fascinating…” – King Richard.

The king had infiltrated his mind but he never got anything from him as his mental perception was very strong and it is blocking him, however, he is certain that he is telling the truth.

“Forgive me… However, this time of trouble will nurture you to become a dark wizard that will bring chaos in this world. I won’t allow it to happen. I have seen children, with similar eyes as yours, who ended up corrupted by revenge. But yours is truly terrifying. So determined and full of ambition. I see no potential in you; all I can see is despair. If you are not afraid of death, then accept your death.”

He pointed his left index finger, he concentrated and mana gathered in his ring that it glowed. The two just watched him makes his move. They know that if he is serious, they can’t stop him.

“I will show you mercy by giving you painless death.”

Luke had closed his eyes. He is ready to accept his fate.

King Richard then looked at his friends whose gazes were on the boy, he then looked at the boy. In a few breaths, his stern face slowly relaxes. Slowly, he lowered his left hand.

“Fine, I’ll spare him. However, if the need calls for it… you two will kill him.”

“Certainly…” – The two agreed.

“As for you boy, I will allow you to live but I will be watching your growth. And you must know that you will answer for your king… your loyalty will be to me.”

Richard told Luke to which the later simply nods in approval.


“Are we going to inform Gregor?” – Rhemus asked the king.

“No. They have grown too strong already that I can no longer keep it in check. Although I am not worried about Gregor but some of his family members needs to be watch. They’ve become blinded with power and status. It’s time to strip them some of it. I am sure Gregor wouldn’t mind.”

“Yes, he is too focused to raise his level, he won’t mind as long as you won’t strip them that much.” – Rhemus

“Well, he had the most potential among all of us.” – Richard.

“Hehe… And we thought he was the most promising genius back in the day, but look at the boy right here. That bastard talent cannot be compared with his grandson. Hahah!” – Augustus while looking at Luke and the rest followed suit.

“We all sure that there is no other one like him, there is no doubt he will become the greatest wizard of all time.” – Rhemus

“I have to disprove that Rhemus as there is always the risk of him being corrupted by power.” – Richard

“Then, all we have to do is look after him. We also cannot miss this chance to see another great wizard.” – Rhemus

“Hmm… He really is Gregor’s grandson.”

Suddenly, with a thud Luke collapsed in the floor and the three mighty nobles had panicked.

“Luke!” – Rhemus and Augustus hurriedly run towards the unconscious boy.

Rhemus lifted him and laid him in the couch then he applied magic to heal his mind which gravely suffered from mental strain.

“Look at what you have done Richard! To suddenly attack this child mind, despicable! What if he’ll become cracked or mute when he wakes up? Where is your heart Richard?” – Augustus

“Fine, fine. Just treat the child alright. Bullying me won’t get this child anywhere better Augustus, now hurry up and call a doctor or we won’t see this great wizard you’re flaunting earlier.”

“It won’t help this child, but it will help improve your character. Try hurting this child one more time and I’ll punch you in the face right in the eye.”

“Shut up, I am still your king. I demand respect from you or I’ll hang your head at the city’s gate.”

“Then I’ll make sure to part you with two dark spot in your eyes before you do that.”

“Hmpp! That is the only thing your good at, muscle brain.”

“What did you call me?! Do you want to return to your palace with black spot in one of your eyes?”

“Pea brain!”


“Bird brain!”

The two insult each other with their eyes fixed in the unconscious boy.

“Shut up! The two of you shut up or leave this instance!” – Rhemus shouted.

Sure enough, the two took a step back whose faces were filled with anxiety.

“You two are being immature! If you value your status as nobles and rulers of this country, then better stop those childish acts.” – He finished healing the boy and was relieved that he is far from danger.

Rhemus scolded the two, but deep inside his heart, happiness is what filled it. He recalls the time when he and his friends were together; teasing each other and fighting over the smallest of things. He remembers all his friends, each one of them has certain unique qualities.

Augustus is the hot headed and physically the strongest in the group and he often got in trouble because of his recklessness. He always got into a fight with his friends especially with Richard for a good reason.

Richard is the friendliest and known as the hero type who always saves the day. However, little did they know is, he is the most mischievous among them who always had this ‘creative’ thinking that troubles other people. But who would have thought that he had become the king honoured as the people’s champion.

Then there is Gregor, the silent and serious type among his friends. He valued his studies among other things, but he was dragged by Richard in his circle just because he thought that Gregor is cool and adding him up will make them famous albeit they’re already famous. Unexpectedly, he became good friends with Augustus and avoided the company of Richard, which made the later rather sad.

He had many friends not just these three and he recalled each one of them. It was in the good old days, but now, everything had changed and war changed everything. They joined the war to protect their homeland and their love ones and for ten years they had fought, in defeat and victory, they were there.

War made them strong, stronger than the rest of their peers.

They had taste the bitterness of losing some of their brothers and cousins. Some even lost their father but they all remain strong, in fact because of this, their already strong camaraderie became even stronger that nothing seems to defeat it. But one day, everyone even Richard who was a prince had gone on a mission and everything was going according to plan, in fact it is too easy and they had gone deep, deeper into the heart of the enemy; only to realise that it was a trap laid by the enemy. It was as though, they’re expecting them. It was Gregor who discovered it, but it was too late to call for a retreat – they’ve been surrounded.

They had fought bravely and they had fought well, but the enemy is swarming at them. And one by one, they became exhausted; still, they continued fighting and one by one, they fell on the ground and all of them died a miserable death.

They were pushed back.

As though all the hope had gone, Gregor suddenly came forth, raised his staff higher, and then, a powerful spell disseminated in front of everyone present and annihilated his enemies in front.

“Noooo!!!!” – Yelled Augustus as he tried to run towards at the pile of corpses but he was stopped by the Richard and Rhemus.

Augustus saw three of his friends were sacrificed in that spell and died along with the enemy. He has strong sense of bond he shared with his friends, even though he frequently had a fight with them, but those are normal.

He looked at Gregor whose face isn’t showing regret or guilt, after all of that. He just killed his friends like it was nothing.


But he was dragged away by the two. Rhemus then collapsed the building using his magic. And they managed to escape that placed; but still, they were hunted for 3 days by their enemies.

But they succeeded in accomplishing their mission, to retrieve the lost item of their kingdom. They became heroes at such a young age, but at the cost of their friendship.

They learned that there was a traitor.

Two princes conspired to kill their brother Richard by selling him to the enemy. And when Richard became the king, he executed them in public and peeled their faces, a practice to dishonour and disgrace the dead.

But their friendship will remain broken to this day.

Rhemus closed his eyes, tears fell from his eyes.

“What happened?” – Augustus asked.

“Nothing… I just remember something… I remembered how we used to be.”

“Rhemus… I am sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry Richard. You were never been at fault.” – Rhemus.

“Still I am sorry…”

“We had avenged them already. They are now resting in peace.” – Augustus said as he placed his left arm on his shoulder.

“We were all naïve at that time. Our thirst to prove our worth had brought this to ourselves.” – Richard

“But we won… it is all that matter. We were able to protect our country.”

“And we lost our good men.”

“This is war Richard.” – Augustus.

“Hmm… Then have you forgiven him.” – Richard sincerely looked at Augustus.


“Stop this pride of yours and reconcile with him.”

“Tell him that.”


“Let him Richard. I am sure he plans to get into Gregor by using this boy.” – Rhemus

“I am not!”

“Yes you are. Then why is it that you were so concerned in this boy? When you learned that he was being kept by hooligans, you’ve gone wild.”

“Ugh… T-that is… t-that is because, I don’t want those fools to ruin his future.”

“And what did you just said earlier, ‘he is Gregor’s grandson’” – Richard as he imitate Augustus voice and act.

“Stop or I’ll smack you the way I did before.”

“And you think you could scare me?”

“Hahaha! Come, let us find our granddaughters.” – Rhemus laughs

“Then let’s go. I simply hope that Augustus daughter won’t hurt my daughter again.”

“And my Amalie…”

“That is because your two daughters were mischievous. They always tease my Layla.”

“Because you granddaughter is a muscle head like you.” – Richard

“Why is it that you think of me as muscle head, when we’re equal in talent?”

“After all those years you still don’t get it? You really are a muscle head.” – This time Rhemus joined in their little game of insult.

“Shut up you two!”

“Hahaha! Muscle head!” – The two said in unison.

And they left.


[AN: So Augustus is the reckless guy, Richard is the mischievous guy, Gregor is the cool guy and Rhemus is mischievous. Maybe this is the only flashback they will have. So tell me if it is a good one.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘What happened to that serious atmosphere’. Well, here’s what I’ll say, read closely ‘ HAHAHAHA!’

I planned a few comedic skits, but it won’t involve our protagonist (he is SERIOUSLY BORING… let’s leave him as that)

I am also making a short draft of backgrounds of the other characters, but I am not sure if it will sell well. I am not that well verse in making a good plot, and I am using a simple and not complicated one. I really hope I can write it well as to not disappoint you. Also, expect that I won’t make a sudden twist like one of his trusted friend or ally turns out to be bad and us say ‘whaaat!’; no, I’ll make it simple, I will lay everything bare and let us wait what will happen. That is what I am doing, I make a list of several ideas of what might happen and choose what is necessary and booom! Here we are. Also if ever I failed to show it, it is because I forgot it, not that I am hiding anything.

Wait a little bit… I still need to write 1-2 chapters before he can learn some real spells. The magic system is still in the process of drafting though:P

I also plan on rewriting chapter 3-7.

If you want good chapters, then all you have to do is rate and like this novel. Don’t underestimate the stars and thumbs up signs. It really invigorates this upstart writer.

I received 0.5 rating in RoyalRoad and it downed me for a week. 😦 😦 😦

Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 :P]


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