Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Young girls talk)


While the king and the two dukes had a talk, their granddaughters had their own time together in one corner of the courtyard – Amalie, Layla and another girl which is at the same age as the two and as pretty as them with wavy blonde hair, her name is Vanessa.

“So he’s going to stay in your house and live with you?” – Amalie asked Layla with somewhat teasing tone.

The main topic of their talk is Luke and they have been talking about him since the time they had arrived. Layla and Amalie had shared stories of their encounter about this ‘rude’ boy they had met one day at the clothing shop to the princess, but what Layla had shared was an exaggerating story of how ‘extremely rude’ this boy had been to her that he has no regard to that place or how ignorant he is for not knowing that it is a place for nobles and that the commoners are forbidden to enter. She even compared Luke to other noble children of how polished they were like a gem, praising those sons of nobles albeit his exceptional character.

A mere stone can’t be compared to a gem, no matter if it was a polish and smooth like a marble, stone is just a stone, it won’t have any value’ she said.

She even told the two that she saw him days ago in the street begging for alms. However, she wasn’t able to convince the two, especially Amalie as she throws her questions and teasing which exposes her lies.

“Hey! Watch that tone of yours?” – She asked back slightly raising her small voice.

“Well, you said that you are living together.” – Amalie teased her more.

“My grandfather took pity on him and adopted him, that’s why!” – She became agitated of Amalie’s teasing.

“Is there a chance that you too would get along? Ooh… I am somewhat curious of what’s going to happen between you too.” – Princess Vanessa teased her also. She had just fanned the flame.

The topic of romantic affairs is not reserved only to young adults of this society and children may develop such idea, especially young girls like these three as girls yearns the most for such things while boys will start to form similar idea during puberty.

One thing about these nobles is that they enjoyed living in lavish lifestyle – gold’s and jewelries, entertainment, and gossips. And for the women of the society, it is always associated to romance as women get to receive expensive gifts from their suitors and entertainment such as theatrical performances are mainly about romances, while gossips are talks which concerns everyday life of other nobles such as, the love affairs, the bachelors in town, etc. And these women are striving to become the first in the hearts of their man, since their man can have many wives the competition is sometimes harsh and they might succumb to one of these gossips which often leads to unpredictable outcome.

For the majority of people such as the poor, they can’t afford to spend their time in this way of living as they live a life following their hunger and what it may bring them to. So the young girls which were influenced by their rich family are pretty much interested in romance while the poorer young girls were less interested and will find it only a necessity in the future.

“How… how can you think that way? Wait… you two… you two are making fun of me all along. How can I be this so naïve when I know that you two always make fun of me? Now look, I am crying! I shouldn’t have told you that. I hate you!” – Layla starts to shed small tears on her eyes that she excessively wiping it using the back of her hands and her face were now very red.

She really doesn’t like to be teased by the two especially now that they find it more interesting to tease her with that boy.

“But, he is cute. Even I find him to be handsomely cute.”

“Is he that cute? But Layla said he is plain and ordinary.” – The princess asked Amalie.

“He isn’t ordinary as he is very smart and I once heard my grandfather complementing that boy.”

“Really?! Tell me what great-uncle had said.”

“My grandfather said that he is very smart and talented. Oh! If you could only see his eyes, it is dazzling. And the way he speaks, it was very much refined.”

“Tell me more!”

“Well, he has black hair and his nose has perfect line…” – Amalie narrated it with actions and the princess seems to understand it that way.

The princess is pretty much excited right now and seeing her and Amalie, Layla felt that she was completely ignored by the two that she started sobbing.


In the carriage, Duke Augustus and Layla are now on their way to their mansion.

“Grandfather, where is the boy?”

“You mean Luke?” – Augustus corrected to which she gave a stubborn sigh.

“Where is Luke?” – She sounded mad.

“We left him there I suppose.”



“So, he will stay there forever?”

“Did you miss him? Too soon!”


“Hehehe… Circumstances happen that he has to spend a night there. But why do you asked.”


“Hehehe… Silly girl… are you perhaps infatuated to him already? Well, that was very fast.”

“Grandpa! You too!”


“You all teased me the same!” – And she started to sob.

“Teased you of what?”

“Amelia and Vanessa had been teasing me all day with that… that b-boy.” – she stammered.

“Oh~ it never crossed my mind. Hehehe… He isn’t that bad, perhaps you two can get married someday… I’ll probably make it happen. Not bad, not bad. Hoho…” – The duke makes a jolly laugh.

“Grandpa! I hate that boy! I really hate him! Don’t adopt him for me please… just leave him on the street and let him beg for someone’s pity.”

“Layla! That, I can’t do.”

The duke was somewhat perturbed when his granddaughter said those things that he raised his voice a little bit.

How can she say those things? This is disturbing. If she grows with that kind of thinking, I’m afraid of what she’ll become. Did I spoil her too much? I must correct her mindset from now on.

“Why?! I though you love me so much.”

“Of course, you are my granddaughter.”

“Then why you can’t abandon him?”

“Is abandoning a child a noblest thing to do? Layla, listen. There are things that we as nobles must do, it was our responsibility. And things we do for the sake of someone or perhaps for the sake of change in one’s personality. Either way, if it is for the good, a noble cause as that; we are obliged to do such thing. You will understand what I mean in the future, when you are wise enough.”

Layla felt she was defeated twice today. First, her friends completely ignored her feelings then her grandfather lectured her and all of it is because of a young boy.


Luke felt something touching his nose and cheeks, as though someone is caressing it. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw is a beautiful young girl with golden hair, it was Amalie and she’s smiling bashfully at him.

Without bothering asking question like where he was or what happened, he got up from the bed and as he did he almost lost his balance. He felt a slight pain on his head which has affected his balance. Thankfully, the girl caught his arms that he was able to maintain his stance.

Their gazes met and he saw the girl’s red cheek.

He then sat in the bed and the young girl did the same.

“You’re rude, you know that.” – She said while sounding mad.

“Forgive me, my young lady.”

“Hmp! I’ve been here for half an hour and the first thing I heard from you is your ‘boring’ apology. Tell me if that is not rude.”

“I sincerely apologize for my rudeness may you-.”

“You’ve done it again.” She cut his speech. “Surely, your mother had taught you well enough when it comes to showing sincerity whenever you’re apologizing. But, did she not teach you what morning manners are and say ‘good morning’ whenever you wake up first thing in the morning?”

He scanned the surrounding.

“Hey! Don’t just ignore me. I asked you alright.”

“Mm… I don’t have a mother.”

“What do you mean you don’t have a mother? We all have a mother alright.”

“My mother passed away the day I was born.”

She became silent.

“I am sorry.” – Her voice sounds small.

“It’s okay.”

“But still, I’m sorry.”

“To which I dearly accept, my young lady.” He looked away from her and into the door. “Where is your grandfather? I need to thank him for letting me stay.”

When he’s about to stand, his hand was grabbed which made him sit back in the bed. He looked at the young girl. Her pretty face was covered by her long hair and she was somewhat bashful but then she looked at him with a bright smile.

“Say ‘good morning’ first.” Seeing that the young man was somewhat puzzled, she repeat her request but this time she emphasized each words while pressing his nose with her small index finger for each pause. “Say… good… mor…ning…”

“Good morning, my young lady.”

When she heard this, she stands up. Her face was red as tomatoes and she’s giggling.

“Boy you’re a fast learner and you didn’t forget to put honorifics. That is fine. But you can call me Amalie alright. My young lady is fine but Amalie is better.”

But seeing him didn’t respond she gave up.

“Fine. Just wait here. I’ll call my grandfather.” – And she hurriedly went outside the room.

Sometime later, Amalie is back and behind her is her grandfather the duke.

“How do you feel?” – Rhemus asked.

“I am somewhat dizzy.”

“Oh~ Are you not in pain?”

“There is that sensation.”

“Hmm… It must be because you’ve suffered intense pain during those times that you’ve develop resistance in pain which is extremely high than most people.”

The duke had dig into his background a little bit and learned so many things about him which include how his mother had suffered during her carriage and delivery. And when he learned that he had suffered from severe pain during his early years prior to his birth that his heart breaks. He got this information from Fergara, so he wasn’t troubled investigating his origin since this information was readily given to him and he only needs to verify the information.

How much suffering did he endure all those years?  His mother’s long gone and he suffered from intense pain during infancy. It is immeasurable! But to think that he survived is simply a miracle! What strength does this child possesses in order to survive those nights of endless agony.

Hm. I guess I’ll have to support Augustus. However, I must make sure that he’ll grow into a civilized person or else he’ll deviate from the right path. I too don’t want it to happen, for such a talent was non-existent until now. Hehe. He will surely become such a great existence. I only pray that he’ll become an existence that will benefit mankind.

We must make sure that he won’t suffer from now on.

About that girl, we must secure her and ensure she’s safe. He didn’t experience motherly love, he only have this one girl. We must find her… for him.

“Ah… this is the final day of the celebration. How about accompany us in this morning. There will be a grand spectacle in the central district.”

“Grandfather is right. It will be fun so you must join us.”

“Then I must bother you milord.”

“Good! And after that, you will be initiated to become an official mage in the rank of novice.”

“Grandpa, isn’t he not ready yet for the magic initiation?”

“No dear, he is ready alright, but you must keep this a secret. Hehe.” He then looked at Luke. “Isn’t it fine Luke?”

“Then, I will look forward to it milord.”



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