Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Magic initiation)


In the grand pavilion in the central district, Luke and Amalie is looking at the marching band, and juggling jesters that entertained the crowd. The entire place is filled with green and orange banners and flaglets, the color of spring.

The parade is filled with fun and happiness that the entire populaces were part of the grand parade. It was overwhelming.

The celebration for the final day of Ag-gar is a lavish festivity which every citizen – the rich and poor celebrates with sumptuous feast. The poor families may have little food on their table which is mainly consists of staple foods; however, for them this can be considered an extravagant feast. It is because not every day they can have many kinds of food in their table, that it is only at this day they can experience excessive feast.

It is quite intriguing how these people have so much food on this very day, especially now that the winter had just passed that the food are limited or there is none at all, which was spent during winter. This is not a problem for the rich families but to most of the poor families. For these families, they have to live even more prudently, that they consume less food during winter and some may even starve for three days just for this particular day of national festivity.

It is because of the people’s beliefs that after the cold night of starvation are days of plenty and feasts. It only shows the way of life of the people in this country – to live with the hardship and endure it; thus, the people are striving hard to survive this winter and make the necessary preparations in advance.

It also means hope, which is why the people of this world are strong-willed and doesn’t have much of an issue of their hardships, but always keep their positive outlook in life.

However, no matter how much these people strive, if their homes are not safe from beasts and monsters and men of malicious intent, then their labors would be in vain. Fortunately, their land is peaceful and safe; hence, the need for the sumptuous celebration is necessary; a thanksgiving to their gods for the peaceful days and for the last year’s abundant harvest.

“Look! Look! Those are beautiful!”

Amalie were hugging the railings of the pavilion as she points something in the crowd.

What happened is, Amalie is dragging Luke all over the place showing him things and introduces the ways of the nobles to Luke. She’s full of enthusiast as she hops while dragging him around the place; her hands were tightly locked to Luke’s hands.

One time, they saw Layla and some of the noble’s sons and daughters. And when Layla saw how the two were having so much fun as they moved around, she confronted the two and asked Amalie why she’s with him, to which Amalie responded that Luke is her new friend and then drags him again. But Layla seems not convince by it that she followed the two and became a tag along. She tried to disturb the two as she opens up topic to start a conversation with Amalie, but it didn’t last long as it eventually died out. She also tried to cut off Luke whenever he had a conversation with Amalie, but then she learned that it was a futile effort because of Amalie.

And then she got tired of following the two here and there, and being ignored that she abandoned her previous notion and decided that it’s better to join the other noble children of her age. It is much fun because she will be in a group of children and the center of their attention; she can go and play with her many friends while Amalie has only Luke, or so she thought.

From time to time, she took glimpses on the two.

Why are they having so much fun when it is only the two of them? I don’t understand? There’s only the two of them while I have many friends beside me, yet they still have so much fun than me.

Hump! If only Vanessa was here and not these losers, I may as well can have a good company and enjoy this day.

But then she stopped her thinking when she realized that the princess may as well be joining the two since she have almost the same personality as Amalie. However, she denied this notion and stick to her previous idea.

It was now in the afternoon and Luke is now preparing for his magic initiation. He is meditating cross-legged in his room, getting familiar with the energy.

A knock was heard from the door and a man with fabulous hat came in. This man was Audleigh [see Chapter 8].

“It’s time.” He said.

Seeing Audleigh came in his room means that Duke Augustus is downstairs and is one of the initiator of the magic ritual. He didn’t felt surprised as he anticipated that Augustus is one of the initiators.

Luke got up from the floor and went towards the door.

“Thank you, ser Audleigh.”

“You’re welcome. Come, they’re waiting downstairs.”

And the two headed to the lower basement of the mansion, where the initiation will take place.

The thick walls and circular columns with splendid arcs that support the floors above were made of stones hardened by magic. In the walls were torches which lights up the dark place, and swords and shields as decorations.

They stopped in front of the heavy wooden door which is old and has metallic embellishments that looks like vines that added to the mysterious atmosphere of the place. Then, Audleigh opened the door and gestured to Luke to proceed inside. There, he saw 3 figures – the two dukes and an old, thin white-bearded man, wearing big light-blue conical hat and white linen robe with intricate embroidery – a typical outfit of a great wizard.

“I will wait outside.” Audleigh said then closed the door.

He walks towards the three who was looking at him, especially the old man with discerning eyes. Eyes that almost faded its color and can be seen as blind, however, these eyes were testaments of great wisdom and superb skills in magic.

“Master Lomar, this is Luke. The boy we were talking about.” Rhemus introduces Luke to the old man. “Luke, this is master Lomar, head master of Bruinne’s Magic Academy and our mentor.” He then gestured towards Augustus.

“Good afternoon sire, my name is Luke and I came from St. Ellenaire’s institute in Reg-gora city. I am very pleased to meet you great sire.”

“I too am pleased to meet you, young nobleman.” Master Lomar expresses his enthusiast to see Luke, his voice was that of an old – soft and scuffled, but listening to him shows insurmountable wisdom behind his words.

“The pleasure is mine.” He responded to master Lomar’s kind demeanor towards him that made the old man let out a small laughter. He truly is delighted to meet this boy.

“What a splendid boy. Hoho…”

“Would you like to see first his ability before we proceed with the initiation?” Augustus interrupted.

“There is no need. We can proceed right away.” Master Lomar told Augustus.

Master Lomar can almost see the extent of Luke’s ability just by looking at him. With his Arcane Eyes, he could see particles of bluish light that surrounds Luke as though he is being favored by the spirits. His intuition tells him that this boy will do many great things. He has a good impression of Luke and doesn’t see the boy as a threat, but a potential great wizard that could change the world. Thus, he has great expectation towards Luke.

“Then Luke, hold this” Rhemus gave Luke a crystal ball “and stand at the center of the magic circle. We will activate the magic circle shortly and when it does, wait for our instruction. And when your initiation is finished, we will educate you about magic and basic of spells.”

Luke followed Rhemus and went towards the center of the circle as he holds the crystal ball with both hands as to not accidentally drop it. The three wizards surround Luke in triangular formation.

“Are you ready Luke?” Augustus asked.

“Yes, milord duke.”

“We will now begin the incantation.”

And the three wizards chanted. “Vi na kurtur elargh nosri ko vi na bathal tum na hurgura kishmarti pertur vi navur-to ninum, kresh oprel na buil to arnulgar. Natum na bathal tum na ivrish to navur-to gurgan hesh kittar ol na parti to arnulgar, kut selmar na tuod simlun to arnulgar.”

When the incantation was finished, the magic circle brightens as it is emitting bluish light. Then, master Lomar approached and stopped in front of Luke.

“It’s time for you to take an oath.” Master Lomar is looking at Luke as though he is confirming something. “The knowledge of magic is shared to those who pursue the path of magic, towards the greatest magic of all and discover the origin of magic. Our ancestors, the Nurukians, had devout their life in pursuit of greater knowledge, it is one of their many great teachings – to pursue greatness. We, the wizards of this world, adhere to the teachings of our ancestors. For us, the knowledge we seek helps us in understanding the unknown.” He paused. “Do you pledge yourself in the study and understanding of magic, to pursue the greatest magic? If so, pledge to the god that governs magic and to our ancestors that had guided us.”

“In the name of our god and our ancestors, I pledge that I will pursue greater knowledge, uncover the mystery and the origin of magic.”

The oath taking is just for formalities. It won’t kill the person if he/she breaks this oath; in fact 97% of wizards broke their oath, these are wizards that had indulge themselves of material things and now accustomed to comfortable life. After all, the path towards greatness is very far and narrow that the more they take this road, the more they become anxious. So why not take a break once in a while?

However, those who would adhere to their oath are sure to become great wizards. It is not because of the oath itself but the motivations and the drive had made them capable of reaching the great realm of magic.

Master Lomar touched the magic crystal and the crystal emitted luminous pale-blue light. After that, Master Lomar backs away and returned to his place. Luke then felt something from his head and it stimulates his brain’s development.

“What’s happening right now is you are absorbing the Arcanic runes and ciphers embedded in the magic crystal. It will be forcefully encrypted in your head. These Arcanic runes and ciphers is what aid us wizards to perform magic in its complexity.” Master Lomar explained.

“Thus, thoroughly absorb it. This magic formation is the medium that connects you to the magic sanctum and establish synchronization. The time it will take us to complete this initiation is proportional to the level of your comprehension. Therefore, the higher your comprehension, the faster we will finish.” He added.

5 minutes later, the crystal ball stopped emitting light.

“The light from the crystal vanished.” Rhemus spoke in a low voice.

“What happened? Did it fail?”

“It is done. And it is a very surprising success.” Master Lomar informed the two. He spoke slowly in low voice as he was astounded by the result.

Supposedly, magic initiation consumes a lot of time which last for 6-7 hours for children with less affinity or comprehension to magic. And for children born from a noble family with high magic affinity, it is around 3 hours at most; however, it is different for the geniuses of noble families.

As for the case of Luke, they expected it to be very promising, so they thought that the time it will take him wouldn’t empty the sand in an hourglass, some may call it overestimation of someone’s ability but this is what they really believed.

However, it wasn’t very long since the time they’d started; thus, this matter is a big call of surprise. Nevertheless, they easily accepted this notion, that the boy is extraordinary beyond extraordinary.

The three then approach Luke to praise him and to get a glimpse of his extraordinariness.

“Now, I must give you pointers that you must understand and remember about the magic we use. But first we must give you some basic items which are necessary for beginner wizard such as yourself.” Master Lomar told him.

“This is our congratulatory gifts to you.” Augustus then handed over a small wooden staves and a magic ring.

“Thank you, milord.”

“Now put on the ring, see if it suit you.”

Luke then wore the ring on his left index finger.

“Ah just about the size.” Augustus gratefully told him.

“Now, if I may ask our lords to lend us this room.” Master Lomar told the two dukes, indicating that they should leave.

“Certainly, master.” Rhemus responded. “Augustus would you like to have a round. I’ve got few wines left and you know I hate wasting good wines, however, today is an exception. Hehe.”

“Hump! What do you think of me, a lowlife that’s not acceptable to drink your wines? I have tasted all kinds of wines from this continent that I have proven that there are much good wines than yours.”

“Haha! Well, I learned that most of your wine collections were mine.”

“Nonesense! Your wine is nothing but a joke!”

“Now you’ve offended me.”

The two converses as they left.




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