Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life


(Learning spells)


“Now let us begin.” He waved his hands and the magic circle vanished. “Do you know what is magic?”

Magic is a phenomenon that bends reality or illusions that tricks ones perception of reality. Is what comes to Luke’s mind; however, in a world were magic is part of reality; thus, this answer may not be the correct answer to master Lomar’s question.

“Magic comes from understanding the mystical force of the world and by understanding, we are tapping into these secrets which we then harnessed; therefore, we are able to wield its power.”

Luke answered which greatly surprised master Lomar. In master Lomar’s 90 years of experience teaching in the academy, no one had given him the close answer to this particular question.

“Mm… you are absolutely correct. Magic is indeed the use of numinous force of this world and the universe that we know as mana. We manipulate this world’s mana, assimilating our will, therefore, creating great wonder. Everyone can use magic, not even us people but beast of all size which roams the land or live in the waters and Great Oceans or those that could fly. However, we as humans are capable of wielding all forms of magic because we are much more intelligent than beasts, it is our inherent ability. Nevertheless, only the select few can wield great magic (power), a privilege for some.”

“Where does magic originated?” Luke curiously asked.

“Hoho. No other youngsters, except you had asked that question, during their rite. Not one. I could tell that you are very interested in magic. Excellent! I will tell you the brief history of magic, but you can learn more of it when you enter the 3rd year in the academy” He paused. “According to the scriptures, ancient people are known to have practiced early forms of magic; however, many scholars had concluded that magic can be traced back in prehistoric times, some 20 thousand years ago. This prehistoric people used primitive tools made of stones, however, there are evidence that suggest that these people are known to have harnessed mana in the most basic of ways. Not until the emergence of civilizations in 4,000 N.E. (Nurukian Era tantamount to B.C.) that people developed certain concepts in magic. One of these civilizations was the Nuruk, which are known to be the true wielder of magic. The Nurukians discovered a method to which they could tamper the energy of this world in a much more effective and efficient ways, known as Nurukian’s Magic System which involves various tools and approaches.”

“Who are these Nurukians and where are they now?”

“The Nurukians, because of their magic had dominated the entire continent for 4,000 years. However in 500 N.E., powerful dragons descended from the great mountains and ravaged the land, destroying cities after cities, which greatly weakens the empire that when the black wizard Belgeohr’s had risen, it ended the civilization of the Nuruk in 1 N.E.”

“Still, there legacy remained with us, right? What are those?”

“Indeed, and the greatest legacy they left to us is their magic system. But there are Nurukians that survived during those dark times. And today, their descendants became the great wizarding families, which had founded many great kingdoms in today’s age, and we (also refers to Luke) are descendants of these families.”


“Now, let us leave history behind for now, we are here so that you could learn magic.”


“Mm… There are 4 different methods for channelling magic. First is the rune or runic magic, is a method which involves the use of carefully crafted runes, this art were the earliest approach of the primitive people which the Nurukian’s had absorbed in their culture and greatly developed the art as their own. But over the course of time, this art were now dissolved which was replaced by newly founded and highly effective methodologies – the chant and formation magic. An individual that practices this old art is known as runesmith or rune master… The second is the rite or traditional magic. It is an old practice which makes use of strong devotion that may involve a group of people praying or singing songs and dancing, and sometimes with sacrifices. And like the runic approach, it dwindled over the course of time. Nowadays, performing rituals was closely being watched and monitored by the magic council. It is because the ritual magic was very powerful and often very dangerous and dark; therefore, it was banned or forbidden throughout the continent. However, there are still minority groups that are allowed to perform ritual magic that do not involve human sacrifice and do no great harm. The early practitioners of ritual magic are known as druids, Celt, cult, etc… The third is the chant or voice magic is a method that uses ancient language to create an outstanding effect, this is known as spells. It works by giving words or phrases magical meaning that when combined it creates various effects and results.”

When Luke heard this idea, he concluded that it works similar to computer programming language like Java, Python, etc. That these ancient words may actually be variables and the magic formulations was the pragmatics of the program, which was uploaded in the minds of the wizards via initiation and by chanting, it actually creates an executable command.

“Chanting is the conventional method as it was very convenient and efficient unlike the previous methods… And the fourth and the last is formation magic. It is a method that uses circles and lines and other forms, establishing magical array which would then create the spell. It was discovered and developed in later centuries after the chant magic and has the same foundation as the chant; however, instead of words it uses sophisticated lines and circles drawn using mana threads. It was derived from runic approach and is considered as the modern day rune magic.”

“Master Lomar, what modern methods do mage and wizards used?”

“We used both of these modern methods, conveniently switching between these methods is the most efficient way to achieve best result. Though, chant and formation magic had similar principles, the only difference is the manner of invocation. Take [Fireball] as example, [Fireball] is a spell for both method having similar power and mana consumption. It is because the process behind every spell is basically the same. The best way to elaborate this is through combat scenario. In a duel, chant magic has the advantage as it is faster and easier to cast. It is also very easy to learn chants than formation magic. However, while chant magic is the conventional way of fighting a duel, formation magic dominates the battle field. When I cast [Fireball] using chant, I am producing one fireball as for each complete chant has only one effect. However, if I used formation magic, I can simultaneously produce a number of [Fireballs] as many as I want, the only setback is the delay of the spell and the amount of mental strain it incurs to the casters. It is because, formation magic has lasting effect compared to chant magic; because of this, we can create an effect known as loop. Loop means repeating actions or actions that returns to the first step after its successful execution and then repeats the process, again and again.”

“I see. Then master, is it possible to use spell using chant magic but omitting its chants?”

“Yes. It is not necessarily to use chants every time you cast a spell when you are using this approach. However, only the very skilled wizards were the only ones able to do it as it takes experience and complete mastery of one particular spell to omit its chant. This is called [Silent Casting] or [Voiceless Effect]. Also, the used of these methods were merely to assist the wizards in performing spells and certain understanding is needed to successfully perform each spells, especially the ones that are advance.”

“I see, thank you master.”

“Hoho… Your eagerness to learn from me is what makes it interesting. If you have some more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. As long as it is in my capability, then I am obliged to answer all your questions. Hoho…”

“Thank you master, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Now, before you start learning some proper spells, I must first teach you the laws of magic in its natural order and the amalgamation of spells which is fundamental in learning and understanding magic in its entirety.”

“Then I’ll listen for now.”

“Mm… The first law is the law of inviolability. It states that, magic cannot influence the soul, but a soul can influence magic. It means that magic can neither creates nor meld souls, or do any harm to it. And a stronger soul affects individual’s magic… The second law is the law of resolve. It states that, magic reflects ones will.  Thus, if one wants to do harm, it will do harm; if it is to protect, then it will. The stronger ones will, the stronger the magic. It is the heart of all magic. Therefore, magic is neither good nor bad; it depends upon the person’s purpose… The third law is the law of permanence. It states that, magic cannot create something out of nothing or change the property of anything. It tells us that, magic can’t simply create things without anything that will help to produce it, example you cannot magically create a house as it will require a lot of stuffs needed to build or a brick out of nothing without clay. And magic cannot change the property of anything, example, you can’t change ordinary metal into gold or a rock into diamond… The fourth law is the law of conservation. It states that, mana cannot be created nor be destroyed. That means, when magic is done, the mana that was used will return to its original state as the use of magic is only through influencing the mana, and not changing its property, destroying it in the process… Then the fifth and the last is the law of contagion. It states that magic is transmissible. Therefore, through magic, a person can transfer its will to an object of importance or has deep connection to something, so a nail is no use, whereas a locket with sentimental value is ideal.”

In actuality, Luke shouldn’t be taught of these laws that govern the magic of this world and master Lomar should’ve went directly in explaining the amalgamation of magic spells, as the magical laws were only being taught in the later years in the academy. However, master Lomar feels the need to explain these laws as Luke is showing understanding beyond compare than the rest of the students in the academy. For master Lomar, an 8 years old boy capable of wielding magic with great control and has the highest intelligent than any other kids is truly in one-in-a-million, it is definitely a miracle.

Thus, master Lomar certainly has to teach this boy the laws of magic as early as possible, to etch these laws in-order to mold his personality and morality as a wizard and not deviate from the right path.

“Now, among these laws, the first law plays the crucial part as other laws coalesce with it. There are wizards out there who steps beyond these boundaries creating anomalies and great discoveries; however, it is still tolerable as long as they don’t violate the first law. What do you think will happen if a wizard breaks the first law?”

“Well, it will demand something in return or some being might be upset to disturb this balance.”

“Correct! As souls are sacred that we cannot defile, else, face the divine retribution or karma. Do you understand?”

“Yes master. I completely understand.”

“Mm… Now let’s get on to the amalgamation of magic spells. First we have is Divination and is the focal point of it which branches the Manipulation which then branches the Conjuration, Transfiguration, Enchantment, and Abjuration. Divination is where all magic starts – in our thought as we imposed our will for it to happen, for it to occur. After that, is manipulation where we gather the mana in our hands or in one place then we invoke the spell. To invoke the spell, we have to cast the mana we had previously gathered, thus, the third branch comes into effect. Conjuration is the physical manifestation of the element which are fire, wind, lightning, water and earth; making it to appear or disappear in one place. Transfiguration is the change of physical aspects of things, like molding clay into a pottery. Enchantment is influencing the mind through the use of illusions and other variances which affects ones perceptions, bewitching the target in the process. And lastly, we have abjuration. It is the use of defensive barriers or warding’s. Do you have questions?”

“None so far.”

“Now, by combining each of these we can create the spell. Say if I want to make a [Fireball], first it must come to my will which is the basic divination technique; then I must gather an amount of mana in my hand, therefore, I am manipulating it; then I conjure the element of fire; and the final step is morph it into that of a ball, this is transfiguration.” Master Lomar explained while demonstrating the entire process and a [Fireball] is dancing in his left hand. “This is child’s play and I know you are capable of doing it. I heard that you have a small grasp of it. Tell me, to what point does you know about these amalgamations?”

“I only have this basic idea of what magic is about and as far as I could understand it, my knowledge is very limited up to conjuration and transfiguration. As for the other two, it was pure theory but I don’t think it will be in the scope to your level as I wasn’t been able to confirm it before.”

“Very well. Let us proceed by learning few spells. First of all, spells are categorized into two – the standard and advance spells. Standard spells are spells that are taught in public, while advance spells are very difficult to learn and ordinary mage isn’t capable of learning it. Now, hold on to your staff.”

Luke did what he was told and placed the staff in front of him.

“It doesn’t matter where you gather the mana, whether in front of you or at the tip of your staff or in your hands. However, I want you to gather the mana in front of you, but don’t manipulate it using your power. Let the staff do the work. The staff is a tool used to assist an individual in controlling the mana which greatly lessens the burden of having mental strain and spell backslashes. Now, do as I told you.”

He observed Luke as a small amount of man starts to form a vortex in front of him.

“Mm… Excelent! Now, invoke the spell E Veie Nar, Vor and give it a strong feeling to activate the spell.”

“E Veie Nar, Vor!” And a [Fireball] 15 inches in diameter was invoked in front of him.

“Ho ho… Marvelous, marvelous! Now release it.”


“Oh… The casting time and power is highly commendable! Excellent! [Fireball] is a standard spell; however, properly controlling it is a challenge for the students in the academy. And it took me 8 tries to successfully cast it during my days at the academy. Hoho…”

“It’s all thanks to you, master.”

“Hoho… Don’t give me credit for it, it was nothing. It is because you’re extraordinary.”

“No, master, I should be grateful to you after all, the headmaster of the academy has come to personally teach me. It’s a great honor. Master, please accept my respect.”

“Ehm… Ohoho… Indeed, indeed. Hoho.” Master Lomar’s cheek reddened. “Right, that spell is to get you familiarize with the system. Now, let have some more standard spell that has the application of Enchantment and Abjuration.”


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