Curse from God, Live a Thousand Lives: Second Life

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This is a story of a man who died from accident, he was hit by stray bullet. Unexpectedly, the necklace he wears is a divine fragment formed at the time of God’s birth, this fragment contains the power of a god. He met the devil which tricked him, but failed. An archangel, which negotiates with him. In exchange for the fragment, he will be reincarnated, for as many times he wishes. Why would he want to become a god, why would he want to watch over billions of soul. All he wanted was, to live life to the fullest. And he was reincarnated, to a world filled with magic. Watch him as he dominates the world of magic.


A man was hit by a stray bullet and died helplessly in the street.

[‘I know where this story goes.’ – Shhh!!! Let me finish.]

Upon his death, the people grieve and the Earth greatly changed.

The people changed for good and world peace is at hand.

All of it is because of his death.

In honor of this man, he was proclaimed a saint.

[‘What did I just read?’]

What they didn’t know is that this man is such a loser and pathetic.

He wastes his time playing computer games.

He’s very timid but when he touches the keyboard, he’ll change into another person completely opposite of his timid personality.

[‘What the fu*k, is he crazy?’]

He’s loves porn that he bookmarked every Pornsite and he masturbates every day.

[‘We do that a lot.’]

He never had a girlfriend and never experience kissing.

[‘Yeah he’s pathetic’ – IKR]

He even wished for the world to split in perfect half whenever he’s frustrated.

[‘In short, he’s a s*itty bastard’ – of course he is, why do you think I bothered myself to talk about his first life.]

Yet, he became a saint and changed the world for good that even the US, Russia and China became best of friends and builds destructive weapons to defend world peace.

[‘Fu*k how’s that supposed to happen, if it were to happen then it is the end of the world and we will not be reading your shitty novel’ – not yet, read more.]

He even met the mightiest of angel, Michael and destined to meet our Maker.

[‘Fu*k you’re demented’ – hey this is my story.]

The angel revealed to him that he can destroy the heaven.

[‘Don’t bulls*it me’ – you may say that, but I’m just writing.]

He told the angels that he didn’t want power and all he wanted was to return home.

[‘Alright I’ll stop reading this bulls*it’ – wait a minute this is just his first life.]

Yes, he was given another life and was even allowed to be reincarnated as long as he wishes – an unlimited reincarnation.

[‘Fu*k you for wasting my time’ – wait! Then you won’t know his adventure.]

The man was reborn as a child and his memories from his previous life remains with him.

[‘Nah… It is the same as any JPN LN.’ – shh! The author is a fan.]

When he wakes up, he decided to live to fulfill his desire. That is, make a harem with girls.

[‘Fu*k you!’ – hey! Don’t be judgemental: don’t judge the book by its cover. Don’t judge the novel by its synopsis…]

He grows into a very talented and intelligent man.

And because he’s attractive and the coolest than he can ever be, he became a woman’s magnet. Our previously unpopular guy became the woman’s hot topic and girls will try to seduce him.

[‘Fu*-’ – stop cursing!]

But what happen is, he lost his interest to women.

[‘What! So he’s into men now?]

It’s all because he experience a breakthrough when he was a baby. His memory is the cause of this as the influx of massive information triggers the cells in the brain to release hormones to expand its operations. Hence, his child’s brain potential reached the maximum. However, it silently destroys his personality to create a better and new one.

[‘…’ – Oh! You’re silent.]

Afraid that he will lose his previous self and become a man without emotions, he relived his previous memories. And when his brain stopped its development he managed to keep his original self, but only a part of it.

[Hello! Have you gone out already? Fu*k, I might not attract more readers.]

Now he is him, but new and improved.

He’s handsome, intelligent, talented, strong, confident, level headed, visionary, and a man of few words and ambitions.

Watch him as he discovers his path towards magic and became the strongest wizard to have ever lived.

However, the world he’s in is very chaotic.

Will he survive?

[Of course he will.]

      || Table of Contents ||